Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


17. Chapter 16

We all sit down and ash starts and asks Lilly to do something but I was too busy zoning out to listen.

"Willow! Hello pay attention." Scarlett waves her arms in front on my face.

"Wat." I take a swing of my beer.

"Truth or dare." Mikey asks laughing.

"Oh um dare."

"7 minutes of heaven with luke." Mikey smirks.

Luke smirks and takes me into the closet and pushes me against the wall and kisses my neck and sucks on it softly. I moan quietly and wrap my arms around his neck and run my hands through his hair and tug on it gently. He lifts up my shirt and kisses down my collarbone. He goes to take off my bra wen the door swings open.

"Ew gross out ur shirt back on willow."Calum runs back to the circle.

I sigh and put my shirt on and return to the circle.

"U two were really getting it on in there."holly elbows me.

I turn bright red and bury my face in Luke's chest. They all laugh and continue the game.

By the end of t or d I have no shirt or pants on and everyone else is missing various pieces of clothing.

We all sleep over luke. I lay with him in his bed. Ash is on the pull out couch with Mikey in Luke's room and Lilly and Scarlett r on the huge couch downstairs. Holly is in her room and Calum is on the floor in Luke's room. I cuddle into luke and listen to his steady heart beat and drift of to sleep.

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