Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


16. Chapter 15

The next day I go shopping with holly which seem to take forever cause she went to like 10 stores but after we stopped but hot topic and I basically bought the entire store so I was happy.

Other then Monday the week was uneventful. I still refuse to speak to my mother and I just hang out with luke and my band and his. On Friday he invited me to come over and to bring my friends. So I brought Lilly and Scarlett since holly was already there.

Wen we get there the guys have already got cases of beer out and r sitting in a circle. I sit down next to luke and he wraps his arm around me and everyone else sits down.

"Ok guys since luke parents r away for the weekend we get this place to ourselves so first we r going to start with nhie or never have I ever. Then truth or dare."ashton says sitting down in the circle. Since all of us knew how to play so we started right away.

Ash:nhie been a girl.

Me Lilly Scarlett and holly take a shot. And I glare at ash. He just laughs and we continue.

Holly:nhie been a boy.

All of the guys take a shot and luke pouts at his sister. I giggle and we continue the game until most of us r drunk or close to it.

"I'm hungry."I slur standing up an stumbling to the kitchen and grabbing food. I have a bowl of goldfish and I walk back and sit on the couch and try and eat them but I keep missing my mouth. Luke laughs and sits takes some of my goldfish.

"Hey that's mine."I pout looking at him. "No more taking them.

"Fine but only if u give me a kiss." He smirks.

"Fine." I give him this horrible sloppy kiss that if I wasn't drunk I would totally be embarrassed about. But instead luke laughs and wipes his mouth with his sleeve.

"K guys now it's time for t or d." Ash yells to get our attention. He sounds the least drunk out of all of us. So we sit back in the circle and get ready for t or d.

A/N: hey guys sorry but I some how managed to not publish two of my chapters so yeah I swear to god I thought I published then but I guess not.

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