Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


15. Chapter 14

Luke drives up to this huge house in a very nice neighborhood where u could fit two houses the same size of my house in them. I've been here a lot of times to hang with holy but it still amazes me how big their house is. Luke holds my hand as we walk into the house and immediately I here shouts from wat I assume teenage boys and a video game playing.

Luke takes me into the living room and I see three boys sprawled out on the couches playing assassins creed. One of them has bright red hair and is very pale. By looking at his eyebrows u can tell he's naturally a blonde. He has ear piercings and a eyebrow piercing. The boy next to him has curly dirty-blonde hair and is wearing a bandana. He's tanner then the other and has very toned muscles. The last one has black hair but the front is bleached and he kind of looks asian (a/n sorry cal girls).

"Hey guys."

"Hey luke." They all say in unison without looking away from their game.

"I brought someone I want u guys to meet." He hints trying to get the boys to pause the game. Finally the curly haired boy pauses the game and they look away from the tv and stare at me. I start to blush feeling really awkward that they r looking at me.

"Hey babe. Wats up." The red haired boy winks at me

"Um nothing much I guess."

"Guys this is willow she's me girlfriend." He emphasizes the girlfriend part.

"Hey willow." They all say.

"I'm Michael." The red haired boy says.

"I'm ashton." The one with the bandana says.

"And I'm calum. An before u say anything I'm not Asian in kiwi and Scottish." The last one says.

I laugh a little. "Hey."

"We r all in a band call 5 seconds of summer or 5sause. I play guitar and sing Mikey play guitar calum is on bass and ashton is drums." Luke says.


"Do u know how to play assassins creed." Michael asks.

"Not really but I'll try I guess." I sit cuddling with luke and ashton hands me and luke remote and we start to play and I randomly hit buttons and I end up killing all of them and then dieing.

"Wat the hell willow!" Michael yells.

"Y did u kill me?" Ashton throws his remote.

"Idk I've never played!" I laugh.

Calum just sighs and shakes his head.

Holly comes downstairs."y the fuck r u guys yelling."

"Willow just killed us in assassins!" Michael yells.

"Oh hey willow."


"Willow I have a date on Friday after school tomorrow could u help me go shopping and find something to wear?"

"Sure. Who's the guy?"

"Um it's kian from school."

"Aw u guys would be so cute together."holly blushes. The rest of the day we play video games eat and play on our instruments for a bit. It was surprisingly fun event though Michael was perverted at times.

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