Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


14. Chapter 13

The next day I told luke about wat my mom said but that I would never break up with him because of something like that. He insisted that she was right but he didn't want to end it either. Since my mom wasn't particularly happy to see me or luke now he invited me over his place. He said he had a couple friends over place but I didn't have to worry about anything.

I put on my mayday parade shirt a red flannel ripped skinny jeans and my converse. I brushed my hair and put on eyeliner.

I tried to sneak downstairs and get past my mom without getting seen but she caught me halfway out the door.

"Ur going to see luke rnt u."

"Yeah and there is nothing u can do about it."

"Ik just please think about wat I said."

I roll my eyes and and go outside just as luke pulls up. I get in the car and sigh.

"Ur mum?"


"Aw it's ok babe. Um so I've got to warn u about my friends they r kind of loud and annoying and weird and idk exactly how they r going to act around u but they can just be a perverted at times."

"It's fine luke I'm sure they will be fine and plus I'm friends with holly Lilly and Scarlett and they r pretty weird too." I rest my hand on his reassuring him.

"Well I can't diss agree with u there." He laughs.

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