Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


2. Chapter 1

I wake up to my alarm blasting blood by my chemical romance. I roll over and turn it off. For about 5 minutes I lie in my bed debating whether or not to actually get out of bed.

I eventually decide to trudge my way out of bed and around my obstacle corse of a bedroom and get ready for hell, or school however u prefer to describe it. I put on my signature look of a slipknot shirt and a red flannel over it and red and black split leg jeans and black converse. I grab a beanie and head downstairs.

I live a block away so my friend Landyn and his older brother picks me up on his way to school. I sit on the couch as I wait for Landyn. I don't really eat breakfast partially because I'm kind of chubby and because I'm not really hungry.

"Hey sweety." My mom greats me as she gets out of the shower.

"Hey mom."

"I'm going to be home late I have to stay after and work on a new project." My mom doesn't have the most interesting job and it often leads to late nights and her coming home a drinking away her pain. Ever since my step dad left she started to drink and it's gotten better but not by much.

I here Landyns brother, Kian, pull up in front of the house and honk. "See ya." I grab my back and run out of the house before my mom can say anything else. "Hey Land," I hop in the car and sit next to the blue headed landyn with snake bites.

"Hey, Willy I told u not to call me Land," he responds.

"Fine I'll stop calling u Land if u stop calling willy. Call me willow or I will call u Lenny like ur mom used to."I smirk.

"I surrender." He puts his hands up.

The rest of the care ride is filled with all of us horribly singing all time low.

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