A Million Pieces

Rose. 18 lives with her mum and two brothers. Drives a car and goes to 6th form. Oh and she happens to bump into Harry Styles


2. The Number

Harry's PVO

I woke up with the satisfaction of knowing I'd pulled the cute blonde. She was also pretty good, probably the best I've had. Her smell of coconut still lingered on me and my bed, even though she was gone before I woke. Exactly the way I like it. No strings. I go on my phone to text and tell the boys, we have a game to see who can pull the most, I'm winning with Niall trailing behind. I only find that we've swapped numbers... This I don't remember and I'm not sure what to do... I can't delete it apart of me won't my thumb hovers above the delete contact button but I can't press it... SHIT!

Rose's PVO

I feel so... Sassy and new even though I am making my way home with my messed up sex hair and dress from the night before, I've only gone and shagged Harry Styles, so of course I'm able to work this. We even swapped numbers... But what do I do? I can't just call or text someone from one of the biggest boy bands in the world even if he has been inside me. I arrive home to find every ones out... Luckily.

I grab my towel and flannel and place it in the bathroom rail I go back to my room to grab a make up wipe were my little brother Sam is sat on my bed

"We're were you last night?" He asks,

"At Debby's why do you want to know?" I say

"No you weren't she rang to see if you got home safe after you ditched them for a boy" he says it in such an annoying way that I want to slap him, but I can't, unfortunately. "Now I can only guess you and this boy were doing adult things"

I blush even more, he's so smart for an 11 year old that he can tell I'm lying.

"Look what do you want sam are you going to tell mum? Or dad?"

"Dad doesn't live with us so that payment will have to wait till the weekend... But £50 should cover it this time"

"Fine now leave"

"I'm off to watch undatable's than I want my money love you"

He walks out of the room and I hop in the shower. Using my coconut shower gel.

Harry's POV

I heard over to the studio to meet the boys. When I arrive all the boys are already there working on the song.

"So how's things" Louis asks

"Good good yeah you" I reply

"Yeah you alright mate? You seem a bit distant"

"No no I'm fine"

We work on our album for a while but I keep zoning out thinking about... Her. She's all that's in my mind the way she smelt... Her make up not to orange but just right her smile and her sense of humour. All of it. It brings me butterflies think of it.

"Harry Erm Earth to Harry" Liam says but I don't register it so he gives me a wet willy.

"Oy!" I shout trying to clean my ear.

"So who's Rose" he's sat there holding my phone and I didn't even notice it.

"What the hell do you think your doing!" I shout snatching it back. " she's just some girl I scored at the bar last night"

"Some for girl if her profiles anything to go by but why'd you get her number?" He questions

"I didn't mean to I can't even remember it"

"Why didn't you delete it?"

"I couldn't"

"Ooo your in deep"

"Thanks mate that's very helpful" I say sarcastically.

"I'm always here to help that's why I texted her for you" this makes me boil inside. But in kinda please so I read the text

Loved last night want to go out some time soon? Harry xxx

"you had no right" I scream but I can't hide the smile. Let's just hope she says yes.

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