A Million Pieces

Rose. 18 lives with her mum and two brothers. Drives a car and goes to 6th form. Oh and she happens to bump into Harry Styles


1. Boy In Shades

Rosies PVO

I fashion my long blonde hair into a side bun with one bit hanging out curled. I than do my make up, as natural as I can, before putting on my mint green laced short dress with matching heels and bag. I then lake my way down stairs were I am greeted by my two brothers, my mum, my gran and my best friends Debby and Katy.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Rosie Happy Birthday to you"

This makes me blush so much that in almost tempted to go back upstairs and hide. I've never been very good at approaching social situations, especially when I'm at the centre of attention.

"Here You go beautiful" my mum passes me a small box with a red ribbon rapped around it . "It's from all of us"

I slowly unwrap the box and reveal a pair of keys. Car keys. I don't know what to say. I just stare at them.

"What... What... Err... Umm" I keep stuttering not sure what to say.

"It's a car silly, the right response would be thank you" my Gran snaps on a jokey way trying to make the situation easier, she knows how I feel.

"I can see that but you got me one for my 17th" I reply,

"Yeah but that was a crappy 2nd hand KA this is that red Minnie you've always wanted now Happy Birthday but me and Daniel have got a date so can I go" my 23 year old brother Harrison exclaims

"Yeas go go the girls are about to leave" my mum says still kissing him on the cheek even though he dodges it trying not to be un-cool in front of us all.

"Bye mummy's boy" my little brother Sam screams jut because he knows it'll wind him up, that's all 11 year olds are good for.

Myself, Katy and Debby all stay for a few starter drinks at mums so we're all pretty hammered when we leave for the club.

Harry's POV

I arrive at the club in a dark suit and sunglasses with my hair straight instead of curly in an attempt not to be seen. That's the only problem being on a big boy band I never get a chance to just be a lad party till dawn, have sex with random girls and not be slated in the press for it, I never get a day of and it seems I can't have friends that are out side of 1D. That's why I've come here. Devon doesn't seem like a busy place and it's not quite as glamorous so I shouldn't be seen.

I not even ordered myself a drink before I've already found my girl. A skinny blonde in a green laced dress that just about covers her bum. That's me sorted and the best part is her friends have left her in attended so she's all mine.

"What can you get you sir" the bar tender asks

"Err 6 shots a wkd a pint and whatever the girl in green wants"

"Okay will only be a sec".

Rosie's POV

I arrive in the club and Debby hasn't even steppedfoot inside and she's already puked so her and Katy have gone to the toilets while I get the drinks in.

"This is for you" the bar tender passes me a cocktail.

"I didn't order this"

"The gentle man over there did" he points to a guy that thinks he's so cool wearing sunglasses in doors "oh"

"He said whatever you wanted and you looked like a cocktail girl but I can change it if you don't like it"

"no don't worry thanks"

I walk over to the stuck up dude in shades and pass him the drink back. I do it in a fiesty way, like i Harv sass this is the first time in ages that I've felt liek this.

"Your alright thanks" I say in a hard to get kinda way.

"That's very kind of you but I'm not thirsty" he says

"Yeah neither am I. I can buys own drinks thanks"

"I didn't buy you a drink" I feel so stupid " I'm just joking take a seat" I hit him for making me feel this way.

"Sorry" he says. We sit and chat for hours, Debby had to go home so Katy assorted her I just stayed behind. I'm now pretty pissed I've had about 7 of them cocktails and they were free.

After a while he begins touching my thy. The weird things is I don't flinch. I haven't been with someone since my ex. Any guy who's done half the things this guy has has usually had a drink in their face SHIT!! I don't even know his name.

"Wait what's your name?" I ask kinda ashamed I didn't ask it sooner.

"Harry yours?"

"Rose wait let me guess your Harry Styles?"

"Maybe" his had slowly travels up my leg and into my dress we than kiss for a while with out any air but I don't care something's very alluring about him. We continue kissing even when he's carry me out of the club and to his hotel room.

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