Poems from the Depths of my Mind


2. Poem 1 ( i could't think of a name for this one)

Wings like silk

fly ever so high

hair as white as a cloud

soft as a rabbit's coat


Bones as fragile as a dream

a heart so forgiving

eyes cold like ice

a touch so shattering


Footsteps light as air

a smile as bright as a rising sun

tears as crushing as a boulder

blood had flowed like a river


A love so strong

it was suffocating

a bond so unbreakable

it was unbearable


The last breath was soft

a gentle gasp

her mighty tears could not stop

the sight was heartbreaking


No one thought the Angel could love

love isn't an wasn't journey

with love comes a price

and this time, it was her lover's life


The Angel cried over her companion

soaking her blood-stained shirt

she vowed never to love again-poor soul

Humans were difficult to get rid of.


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