Poems from the Depths of my Mind


3. Ground.


It was a word she disliked.

She liked clouds.

She liked the sun.

When she finally fell, it came to her mind.

She had wings.

She could just open them and fly away.


Her wings were almost gone.

She was falling faster.

The clouds no longer held her weight.

What had she done?

It was just one word.

One mere little word.



They didn't like that word.

She didn't understand.

She only spoke the truth.

It was what they were supposed to do.

And she said she hated the ground.

Then- here she was.

Falling through the atmosphere.


She began to feel hot.

Wasn't it always cool?

Here was a sight.

An Angel falling from the stars.

She was banished.

The last of her wings fell to ashes.

All because of the forbidden word-hate.

Now she'd have to join the other banished Angels.

This is how we came to be.

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