Poems from the Depths of my Mind


4. Friends,

 The bond between them wasn't always great
 Until then, they never knew of my heartbreak

 My two best friends left me for each other
 Now I'm by myself for the rest of Summer

 I'll never know their new jokes
 I'll no longer be their companion

 There's now only two who comfort me
 One in Baldwyn, One in Shannon

 And even though I can't see those two as often as I'd like
 I know that at least the two will always be by my side

 So while my two ex-best friends become my end
 I talk away to "friends" on the internet

 Friends will move on, so will you
 But remember, there's always time to choose

 So I'll say farewell for now at least
 I promised long ago to stay strong

 But I'm breaking my vow
 And ending this song

 So while I drift away
 To a world free of pain

 Just know it is my tears
 When it rains

 I see my two ex-best friends getting along
 I see my comforters from a distance I wish wasn't so far

 I see my family weeping
 For a girl they barely understood

 I see my pets walking around
 As confused as they should

 So while the chorus has died down
 And the stage is dim

 For a girl they barely understood

 And though my mind will never be quite as normal
 Through the endless tears, there is a moral

 I'll be waiting
 For my two ex-best friends

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