Given up [Epic Poeticness Poetry Competition Entry]

A poem I wrote just so Parsavagely would have competition for the competition :P enjoy the depressing entry


1. 1


I see strength in the way you pull through,
In the way you hold my hand like I'll let go,
In the way you keep emotions enveloped, enclosed.


I see love in the depth of your shimmering eyes,
In the way you plead for my forgiving attention,
In the way you attempt to make recognition.


I see frustration as you climb your own skyscrapers,
As you fight but lose, maintaining control of yourself,
As you hold fists to try and make sense of it all.


I see passion as you lean forward in admiration,
Passion as you remember what we'll always see,
Passion as you reflect on what your life used to be.

But pain.

Over everything I see your suffering,
Your constant venting of emotions,
Your attempt to push them away, though.


That's how I feel when I look into your eyes,
A person still here, yet so afar,
A person long gone in my eyes, reflected in yours.


Given up.

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