Don't you?

inspired by Benny's 'Little Game' great song, y'all.


1. Don't you?

don't you think it's funny how a colour makes a difference?
how your preference of either can define your existence?

don't you think it's weird how they condition us from birth?
how a "wrong" decision can undermine our worth?

don't you think it's wrong, how they strive to control our lives?
how their cutting words and sharp critique pierce through us like knives?

don't you think it should stop, this blatant hatred of individuality?
how, instead, we should encourage this "unique" mentality?

don't you think we should educate them instead?
how, because of them, too many of us end up dead?

don't you think we have suffered enough?

how, many of us are sick of life being so tough?

don't you think it should just STOP?

Don't you?

Why not?

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