The Last Snowflake

I hate summer. I'm always all alone in summer.


1. The Melt

It's happening again. The melt. I hate the melt. The giants call it summer for some reason. But we the snowflakes call it the melt. I never knew why I was the only one that stayed. Everyone else turned to splash. The giants would call water but that's not what its really called. I for one don't turn to splash. I stay in snowflake form. It gets really lonely.

"Alright everybody get ready to turn!" our president, Sleet calls.

Everyone cheers. I don't.

"Don't worry Eversnow! Well see you next freezefall!" my friend Shiver said trying to make me feel better. Freezefall is what the giants call winter.

I slowly nodded, "See you then!" 


Then everyone sat there for the rest of the day. Melting. Of course I didn't. I never do. I sighed. I had a feeling that this melt would be different somehow.

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