The Demons Fighting

She believes more than she should...
She'll fight harder than before...
All she wants is her town back.
Ridden of the Demons.


1. the beginning of an end

Hayden was the first to realize something wasn't right. Women and men started walking around with black eyes and evil grins on their faces. For how much I'd hate to admit it to myself, I'm terrified. You never really know what's going to happen next now. These people with black eyes have powers, they talk about hell as if they were just there. But than again I wouldn't doubt it. I call them Demons.

Nobody will believe what I see. I haven't met one person who will. My father went missing a few days ago and I set myself out to find him. I packed very lightly and jumped into my ford truck. I have shotguns piled in the bed. Rarely anyone goes on the streets. It's turned into a ghost town here. One by one everyone goes missing. And I sure as hell won't be the next.

These demons are too strong for just one girl to take on. So as I track down my father I also look for those who can help me. I know there are people who believe just like I do. And those people will fight for there lives just like me. The sky barely shows the sun anymore. Leaving our town dark, depressing. Most of every business is shutting down to the lack of costumers. I have a sudden feeling everyone skipped out of town. Leaving it to the ones who want it back.

I turned right as I saw a farmers market. My stomach growled for the last of the food inside of there. I grabbed my shotgun and wrapped it on my back. My boots clicked on the floor as I examined the opening. The lights are on and the music is playing. Should be safe enough. I slipped through the front door, being careful to not get caught. "Oh! A customer!" An old lady shrieked with happiness. I stopped in my tracks. I have to shot this women if she has black eyes. I put on a hard mask and turned to face her. Her smile grew big and her eyes blue as the sky used to be. I let a smile slip on my face. "Food?" I asked in hunger. "Of course, dear." she directed me to the food section and sat behind the counter. "Davis!" A young but older man came crumbling in from a push. The man behind him, I assume is Davis, laughs as the man falls to the floor. "You boys be polite, we have a customer." The old lady pointed me out. I stayed with my back towards them. "Nice shotgun." Davis huffed. I tighten my grip on it. The other man came up to look at it. I quickly swung around with my gun straight, pointing At the mans face. Centimeters away.

They all looked scared. The mans eyes were squeezed shut. "Open your eyes." I growled in a whisper. He slowly opened them. His eyes shined a bright green with a hint of blue. I slowly lowered my gun. My eyes traveled through the room, watching their face expressions. I spun back around facing the food. I grabbed a loaf of bread, deli meat, a candy bar, jerky, four gallons of water, and soda. I dropped them all on the counter. The old lady was terrified. Shaking. "Momma Darla, let me." Davis replied to her shakiness. She nodded her head and left to the back room. Davis ran my items up. "Sorry about her. She's skiddish." I placed my hard eyes on his. "What's your problem, lady?" He stopped in his tracks and placed his hands on the counter.

"You can never trust anyone." I simply placed those words on my lips. "Do you mean the black eyes?" He gave me a questioned look. "Demons." I said more as a statement than an answer. He nodded. "You're a hunter." He glanced at my shotgun. "More than that. I'm, I guess you can say, a rebel. I want my town back and I'm sure as hell getting it." I bit into my bread. A smile grew on Davis' lips. "Really, now." I saw his hand move under the table. Something clicked. I suppose a button. "I don't want trouble. So get out." He demanded as a few guys piled in.

"I was done anyways." I shrugged and grabbed my stuff. I headed out back to my truck. There's those who fight, those who run, and those who bow down. I pulled out and started driving once a again. Those who bow down usually end up dead or possessed. They didn't choose the right way. I hit my gas pedal and flew down the highway of route 29. I drove for what seems like miles. Hours even. Till I came to a stop.

Two young girls were walking the side of a narrow street. "Hey!" I jogged to keep up with them. They turned around and smiled at me. "Hayden. We've been waiting." I stepped back as I saw their eyes. Black as night. I raised my shotgun and shot them in the head. I made special bullets for all my guns. With symbols that can kill demons.

This is the beginning of and end...

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