The Demons Fighting

She believes more than she should...
She'll fight harder than before...
All she wants is her town back.
Ridden of the Demons.


2. be careful

There's no feeling like home. Hayden missed her bed, her mother's touch, her fathers sterness, and her brother's love. She even missed her dog, Daisy. Her mother got possessed by a demon. They tried to possess her brother but he fought too hard and they killed him. Daisy was killed and my father was captured. I, of course, fought. I nearly got killed. I blew up my house, stoping the demons inside for a little while as I drove away .

My mothers gone. But my father still has a fighting chance. All I have to do is believe. My father always told me to look at the good In people but always be careful with who you trust. It's a strict rule I follow by. It's one of the reasons I've never gotten attached to anyone. Too afraid of being hurt I suppose.

I slowly pulled up into a small abandoned part of the town on the Far East. Everything is still, even the air. You could probably drop a pin and the people who abandoned this town could hear it. I sure as hell won't thank them when I get this town back. WHEN I get this town back... The houses looked new, fresh. But quite. It's the rich part of town. Beautiful houses, great land, neighbors (or well used to be neighbors, due to the fact no one is living here.)

One house in particular caught my eyes. The more I stared at it the more I came to realize it's a exact copy of my house. The home I grew up in. There's blood all over the outside walls. I reached over my back seat and grabbed my thicket shot gun and stepped out of the truck. I stood there in front of my truck. Trying to talk myself into turning around and driving away. But something inside me told me to go inside the house.

So I did. One foot after the other. Leading myself right into the house. I have no clue what I'll find, or who. All that matters is I have to go in there. The front door was unlocked. It creaked as it slowly swung open. Creepy as it is I smiled when the door opened. My heart felt comfort. I felt alive. With a clear head I stepped over the threshold and into the house. The door slammed shut behind me. My body quickly reacted. Holding my gun up for whatever is coming.

"Hayden. Dear." I heard my mother's voice. No. "It's" voice. "What are you doing here." I said through gritted teeth. "Oh, I was about to ask you the same thing, daughter of mine." She gave me a wicked smile. "You're not my mother. C'mon why not tell me your real name." I smirked to myself. You can always send a demon back to hell.

"Ah. Be careful." She tisked me. I gave her a questioned look. "We can read minds, Hayden." She placed her arms across her chest. My eyes grew a little but I pretended like I had no idea what she was talking about. "I just want my father back.. And possibly my mother." The last request was of course unanswerable. "I can tell you love your parents very much. But see I have no idea where your father is. We've been looking for him. And trust me. We've got great plans for him." She smiled and even laughed a little.

Without hesitation I raised my gun and shot her. Right in the chest. Bewildered she looked at me. Her hands slowly reached up to the bloody whole in her chest. "You shot your own mother." She collapsed to her knees and looked at me one more time. Than, she fell sideways and took her last breathes.

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