The Turn

A girl turns into a werewolf on her 16th birthday. She is out there trying to find people like her.


2. Chapter Two

        Driving through Albuquerque, New Mexico looking for these writers is difficult. Some of the houses were destroyed or vacated. I was beginning to give up until I went to an apartment and somebody answered. An older man opened up the door cautiously and asked, "Who are you?"

        I replied, "My name is Alimaria Lockwood. I read some of your articles on werewolves and I would like to know more."

        "You're not Derek Lockwood's kid, are you?" He guessed with curiosity.

         "You knew my father?" I asked with surprise.

        "He was one of my old friends. He was like a brother to me. Then when he died..." He trails off with a sad look in his eyes.

        "I know how he died. My mother told me what he was. Are you a werewolf like he was?" I asked with tears in my eyes, blurring my vision.

        "You're father was a good man. He did his best to protect the pack and yes, I am indeed a werewolf, too." He replied.

        "Can I come in and talk about this?" I asked.

        He let me in and we talked about my father. I found out that my dad was a werewolf since he was a teenager. My dad's friend, John Stewart, knew my dad in high school. They were both werewolves in the same pack. I told him that I turned into a werewolf last month. "That's odd. It usually skips the women in the family. You're the first one in a century." He said, very shocked.

        "Wow! That's amazing but why does it skip the women?" I ask, my brows furrowed in confusion.

        "The women can't handle the pain. It's too painful for them." He explained.

        "Oh, how did you learn to gain control and keep the memories?" I asked.

        He said, "It takes a long time to do that. If you'd like, I could help you and find my old pack."

        "Yes please. That would mean a lot to me." I said with a soft smile.

        "We talked a little bit more. He gave me his number so I could contact him whenever I need to. I left his house to go back home. The drive was interesting. I thought about that shadow I saw in my dream. I saw a big figure with black hair and green eyes. I reached home and mom was asleep on the couch. I went over to her and covered her with a blanket.

        I headed up to my room after that and got undressed. I went to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. I let the warm water flow over my body. I'm so exhausted. Its been a long day. I thought about the big figure again as the warm water consumed me. I closed my eyes and tried to remember. My head began to hurt. Just thinking about that one thing was painful.

        Although it's painful, I began to see images. On the black hair there was blood as if it was hurt. I thought "Did I do that?" I began to freak out. I didn't know what happen. Did I really kill the boy or did that monster do it? I began having a panic attack. I scream, as I fall and lay there in the tub. The drain got plugged, and the water came over my head. Before I pass out, I see this blurry figure pull me out of the tub.

        The next morning, I wake up in my bed and my mother is sitting next to me as she holds my hand, with tears in her eyes. She smiled as she saw my eyes open. "What happened?" I asked her.

        "You screamed and passed out in the shower. When I heard it, I ran upstairs and saw you knocked out in the shower," she replied.

        "Really... I don't remember any of that." I said with a small frown as I look down, drowning myself in my thoughts.

        "You must have hit your head then, if you can't remember a thing. It's not a good situation." She said with a concerned look on her face.

        I turned my head and stared at the wall. My mom left the room so I could get some rest. As I stared at the wall, I tried to remember what happen last night. I'm terrified about whatever happened. Could it be connected to me being a werewolf? I just laid in my bed and closed my eyes. As I began to fall asleep, images started popping into my head. I believed that the images were the beginning of my dream.

        I saw myself running through an open forest. The surrounding area was calm. I could hear the birds chirping and the breeze blowing. All of the sudden, the forest went dark but there was a fragment of light shining through the trees. It was enough to be able to see your way around. Behind me, I could see a shadow. The shadow was running towards me. I began to sprint on all fours, running away from the dark shadow. It kept getting closer and closer as I ran from it. The dark shadow got close enough and then jumped on me. I fell onto a soft pile of dirt on the ground. The shadow's image became clearer.

        The shadow was a werewolf like me, but it had blood on its face. The beast was trying to attack me. The thing I called the beast was swinging its claws around. It was tearing at my skin. I fought back, but it was useless. I can't defeat this beast.
All of the sudden, I woke back up and sat right up. I threw my face into the palms of my hands and started to cry.

        I got up out of my bed; it was very difficult to walk. It felt like I just got out of a long term comma. I pushed through the pain and got up on my feet. I did my best to walk around. My body was aching but that didn’t stop me. After I walked around my room for a little bit, I decided to head downstairs to the living room to ask if I could go for a walk. “Hey mom, could I go for a walk to get some fresh air?” I asked her.

        “Are you sure you want to do that?” She asked, with a concerned look.
        “Yes, mom. I think I will be fine.” I said, rolling my eyes.
        “Just be careful Alimaria. Call if you need anything.” She said, turning her head back to her book.
        I went back upstairs to get dressed. I put some dark blue skinny jeans and a t-shirt on with a sweatshirt over it. I grabbed my phone and my headphones. I went back downstairs to my front door and put my converse on. After I put them on, I went over to my mom, kissed her cheeked and left the house. I put my headphones on, played some music and started to walk down the sidewalk. I tried not to think about the dream I had while I was sleeping.
        The harder I tried, the less it worked. The thought of it wouldn’t leave my mind. It felt like it was going to be there forever. I started to get teary, but I tried to toughen up. I didn’t want people to see me crying. My eyes had finally stopped getting teary. I continued my walk to the park and found myself a bench to sit on. I sat there, listening to the music that was going through my headphones. I wasn’t sure what song was playing but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to sit there on the bench, alone and get some fresh air.
        While I sat there, I remembered that my father’s old friend gave me his number so he could help me in situations like this. I checked to see if his number was still in my phone and it was. I decided to text him since it was his cellphone. The text I sent read, “Hey Mr. Stewart, its Alimaria Lockwood. I’m sending this text because something strange has been happening.”
        I received a text five minutes later saying, “What kind of strange things have been happening?”
        “After I left your house and got home, I started seeing images of dead people and I was screaming. I blacked out and woke up in my bed, but I went back to sleep after I woke up and my dream was a nightmare.” I sent to him.
        He said, “That’s not good. Let me have some time to figure out what this is. I’ll text you later.”
        I said, “Okay...”
        I sat there on the bench for a little bit longer. This person walked by me and looked at me. I looked directly at his eyes and for some reason his eyes looked familiar. I stopped looking at him and went back to my phone. Something was odd about that man; I don’t know what it was. I got up from the bench and decided to head back home. I walked past houses and houses till I got to my house. This dark blue house with the white doors and windows was my house.

        I went through the door and my mother was still reading her book. She turned her head and looked at me. “Do you feel better?” She asked, with a half-smile.
        “Yes. I feel a lot better.” I answered, with a smile.
        “That’s good sweetie.” She said, turning her head back to her book.
        I walked to the kitchen to get some water. There was an untouched water bottle in the fridge. I grabbed it and headed up stairs. I walked down the long hallway to my bedroom and sat on the bed.

                                 ---------------Still working on this one--------------------

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