The Turn

A girl turns into a werewolf on her 16th birthday. She is out there trying to find people like her.


1. Chapter One

        The day I turned sixteen was the best day of my life until I found what I was. It was unlike any other day. May 21, 2014 was the day I found out I was a werewolf. My mother always told me that I had a weird way of finding people. She also told me that my father was a werewolf. He died before I was born. Mom said he was in a battle while in werewolf form and got killed. He was battling another werewolf clan for territory.

        My day was just a normal day. I woke up happy because I turned sixteen. I got dressed in my black dress with blue polka dots on it. I brushed my long, blond hair and pulled it back with a black flower clip. I went barefoot because I thought it would seem a little cuter, for my sweet 16.

        My mom made me breakfast, which included eggs, bacon, juicy, red strawberries, and toast. “Happy Birthday,” she gushed as she hugged me tightly.    

        “Thank you!” I said, returning the embrace.

        When the party came around, I got a surprise visit from two special people. My best friends from Virginia came to see me.  I saw the back of a tall girl with long, reddish-brown, curly hair standing next to a girl with short, straight, brown hair. Kelsey and Tiffany. I haven’t seen them in forever. It’s been way too long. When they showed up, we began to cry tears of joy. Their green eyes began to turn red. None of us were quite sure what to do. It was the most amazing day of my life. They said, “Surprise!! Are you happy to see us?!”

        “Oh my god! When did you guys get here? I can’t believe you guys came to see me!” I exclaimed, bursting into tears.
        “We got here yesterday. Happy Birthday!” Kelsey said.

        “Yeah, Happy Birthday!” Tiffany repeated after Kelsey cheerfully.

        “Thank you, guys. This is amazing! I love you two!” I said with a wide smile.

         They said, “We love you, too.”

        We talked pretty much all day. We also loaded up on cake and ice cream; I opened up my presents. My best friends got me something I wanted for a long time: a life size Daryl Dixon poster. I jumped out of my seat, screaming and jumping up and down. I have never been this happy in my entire life. I yelled in excitement, “You guys are amazing! Thank you for getting this for me.”

        “You’re welcome,” They said warmly.

        After the party, my friends and I decided to have a sleepover. We stayed up until what seemed like all night, watching scary movies. We went to bed at the same time. Before we did, we brushed our teeth. I put on my pajamas, a purple tank top and blue shorts, and my pink footie slippers with black ribbons. I got the full size air mattress ready for them and put the pink flower sheets on it.

        It was a full moon that night. Kelsey and Tiffany fell asleep. I started to feel ill, so I calmly walked to the bathroom, trying to not wake them up. I felt cold sweat dripping off my flushed cheeks. My nails began to grow long and my ears started to form a point. I screamed in agony as my bones began to break and reform. Hair began to grow all over my body. The pain was excruciating.

        I threw myself on the ground, and stayed like that until the torture ended. I bolted out of the bathroom, down the stairs and out the door. I dashed down the street on all fours. I was a werewolf like my father! I found myself in a big field. I had no idea how I got here. I just ran until my mind took me somewhere else. My mind took me to a huge empty forest full of tall oak and pine trees.
        In the morning, my eyes slowly opened. I sat up stiffly, my body aching, as I glanced over at my friends who were still sleeping on the full size air mattress. I smiled as I saw them sleeping peacefully.     

        I turned on the TV and the news was on. The news reporter said something about a massacre. They said they found a boy torn to shreds and they couldn't identify who it was. I stopped smiling and my eyes widened. I hunched over, clutching my stomach as I remembered what had happened the night before. Had I killed someone?
        My body flooded in waves of panic. Shakily and stiffly, I stumbled out of my bed. I nervously made my way down the hall and into the bathroom. I gasped in shock as I flipped the light on and saw myself in the mirror. My long blond hair was tangled and covered in dirt and leaves. My blue eyes widened. There was dirt on my light skin. Face bruised, clothes torn. They were falling off my tall, shaking body in rags. What had I done? I looked at myself in the mirror as I began to take off my torn clothes. As I stepped into the shower, my mind flooded with the images of the dead little boy. I took a long, hot shower to wash away the memories. I didn't want my friends to see me like this, so I decided to put makeup on my face to cover up the bruises.

        I wanted to tell my mom what happened but I didn't know how she would react to this. Waiting is probably for the best.

        I tried to not worry about it because I wanted to have a wonderful day with my best friends before they left to go back to Virginia. I headed back to my room to brush my hair, get dressed, and wake up my friends. I put on blue skinny jeans and a white laced shirt. I got them up and we just talked. “How did you guys sleep?” I asked, trying to get last night out of my mind.

        “I slept great,” Tiffany said, rubbing her eyes.

        “Me, too. How did you sleep Alimaria?” Kelsey asked, yawning softly. She covered her mouth, muffling the words as she peers at me through squinted eyes.

        “I slept okay.” I said.

        “Why just okay?” Tiffany asked, looking a little concerned.
        “I was uncomfortable.” I said, trying to hide what had happened with a shrug of my shoulders.

        “That must suck,” Kelsey said back.

        “Yup… So what do you guys want to do today?” I asked.

        “Maybe we should go to the mall or the movies,” Tiffany suggested with a smile.

        We decided to head to the mall. On the drive there, we blasted up the pop music, singing and laughing along to the radio with our hands in the air. The windows were open, wind blowing through our hair. We made it to the mall and bought a few things.

        Tiffany and Kelsey bought some key chain souvenirs from a gift shop. I bought books and articles about werewolves from a book store. They had confused looks on their faces. They wondered why I would be buying books about such a “mythical” creature.

        Kelsey asked, “Why would you buy those books? I didn't think you were into that kind of stuff.”

        I replied, “I’m just curious.” I felt my cheeks start to turn a soft pink. Hiding what happened is all I can do to prevent my friends from freaking out. We kept walking around the mall until it was time to head to the airport. On the car ride there, we talked about how much we will miss each other. I didn't want them to leave. We listened to the radio. “Kiss Me” by The Cranberries, one of my favorite songs came on. This song makes me feel very happy, even amongst the sadness of leaving my friends for another time in our lifespan. When we got to the airport, we got out of the car with their luggage. We got their tickets and walked through a crowd of people to get to their terminal where their plane was going to take off.

        Before we knew it, it was time for Kelsey and Tiffany to leave. Tears started to roll down our faces as we said our goodbyes. We hugged each other, not wanting to let go of each other but we had to go our separate ways.

        I screamed over the crowd, “I wish you guys didn’t have to go home…”

        Kelsey replied, “I’m sorry but we have to. Our parents are waiting for us.”

        “I’m going to miss you guys. Come see me again.” I said, sniffling.

         “We will,” they agreed in unison as they began to walk towards their plane.

         As their plane took off, I waved, hoping they would see me. They looked out the window and did.

        They waved through the small window. After that, I walked back through the airport, got into the car, and headed home after I left the airport.
        When I got home, I went to my bedroom with my books. I went to my desk and sat down. I looked through the books and wrote down some notes on the full moon, transformation, and memory loss. I got on my laptop and did some more research on transformation.

        “Damn, why does it have to be like this? Why did this have to happen to me?” I thought to myself. My life has changed forever. I’m stuck like this for the rest of my life. I’ll never be the same again.

        It had been one week since the last full moon. I’m afraid that I might change into that beast again and kill more innocent people. In a few more days, the full moon will reappear.

        I went down stairs and saw a lady with long, curly, silky brown hair. It was my mother who was watching the television. “Good morning sweetie,” she said.

        “Morning mama,” I said as I smiled weakly at her beaming face.

        “What are you watching?” I ask curiously.

        She said, “Just the news. How did you sleep?”

        “I slept horrible. I had a nightmare.” I complained.
        “Awe I’m sorry,” my mom said giving me a sympathetic look. “What was it about?”

        “I had a dream that I murdered someone. I was some kind of vicious animal.” I said, the scene running through my head over and over like a broken record player.
        She gave me a surprised look. I thought that she might think I am crazy, and I wouldn't blame her. I would, too. I still haven’t told her about that horrifying night. I headed towards the kitchen and went to the fridge to get some breakfast. I got some fruit to cut up to make a fruit salad, like some red apples, bananas, oranges and grapes. I got up from the table and put my bowl in the sink and then I headed up the stairs up to my bedroom.
        Today was the night of the full moon once more. I spent the entire day worrying about tonight. “Will I hurt someone again? Or kill them?” I said to myself softly, terrified about this situation. I decided to stay in my room for the rest of the day. Some of my friends came over but I didn't want to hangout, I wasn't in the mood. My mind was in a million places at once.

        The sun was going down and the moon was beginning to rise. The agonizing pain had begun once again. I was going through the same pain I went through the last time. It was like an excruciating period of pure torture. I ran to the bathroom. The cold sweat began to drip from my face. My bones began to break and reshape me into the monster I now am. I bolted out of my window and into the yard. I was relentless and could not regain control.

        I ran past houses and cars like a freight train. I saw heads turn. The people must have thought I was some kind of animal. I found myself in the park. I saw a kid about thirteen years old, wandering alone in the dark.
        I started to charge at the kid. I wasn’t myself anymore. I was the beast…
        The next morning, I woke up in my bed but this time I found myself unclothed. “Oh my god! What happen to my clothes?!” I exclaimed. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran up to my dresser to grab some clothes, still stiff from the turn….

        After I got dressed in a plain white t-shirt and black sweat pants, I walked down the hallway to my bathroom. I turned on the bright lights.

        I froze in shock and fear. I found my clothes from the night before, torn to shreds and covered in crimson blood. I went up to the mirror and saw my face covered with deep purple, and blue colored bruises. My lips were coated with dried blood. All I could think was “What did I do to that boy?” I have never been this terrified before.

        I decided to head back to my room and turn on the TV. I changed the channel to the news.

        In shock, I turned the TV off because the news anchor said something about a dead body. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I picked up the clothes and threw them in the garbage. I then ran to my bedroom and threw myself onto my bed. I was beginning to worry. I wanted to tell someone but I am afraid that they will think I’m crazy and lock me up in an insane asylum or worse. Keeping this to myself is the best option for me right now.

        I wanted to throw up. The news reporter said that a young boy was found mutilated too badly for the police to identify the body. They also said that if anyone had any info about the attack, that we contact the police. Should I?

        I began to feel sick as the memories of last night formed in my head. My head was pounding. The memories were too painful. I began to see flash backs of the boy. I saw the helpless child being ripped to shreds and his remains being devoured. Guts and bone marrow lay soaking in blood. I then heard a howl of victory to the full moon. I smiled warmly at that as I remembered the pleasure that came from the death of the boy. I saw I dark shadow in the back ground. I quickly remembered what I was doing. I threw my head back in terror. Did I eat that boy? I ran to the bathroom. I clung to the toilet as I began to vomit. I gasped in horror as I saw the clear water turn red, and then a deep purple. I am a monster.

        I wanted to scream but if I did that, mom would question why. I didn’t want to risk it. I leaned my back against the bathtub, hugging my knees as I buried my head in my arms. Everywhere I went I saw his face and with it came great terror, yet amazing satisfaction. I was scared out of my mind, but pleasantly satisfied at the same time. I was doing my best to not think of him, but the thoughts just kept getting worse. Why did I have to do this? Why did I have to turn?

        “I need to find a way to control this,” I said to myself.

        I decided to do some more research. I found some articles on situations like I am in right now. I decided to go find these people. Why me?
        All day, I thought about the shadow I saw in the flashback. Who could that have been? Was it another werewolf like me? I know that if I think about those memories, it will be painful, but I have to find out what really happened. I want to know if I really killed the boy. When I researched about the same incidents that happened to me, I found a few that happened right here in New Mexico. The articles are dated about 5 to 10 years ago. I wonder if they could help me. I went down stairs to ask my mother if I could go and contact these people. “Hey mom, could I go and meet these people tomorrow?” I asked politely.

        “Why do you want to meet them? Do you know who they are?” mom asked suspiciously.

        “No, I don’t know them, but they wrote some very nice articles and I would like to know more.” I said.

        “Wrote articles about what?” mom asked curiously.

        “Animals that are in danger.” I said slowly, lying through my teeth.

        “Sounds interesting. You can go as long as you promise to be careful.” she said.

        “Thanks mom. I appreciate it.” I said, smiling.

        “You’re welcome,” she exclaimed.

        “Goodnight mama.” I said while yawning.

        “Night,” she said.

        After I asked her, I went up stairs, through the long hallway to my bedroom and got into my sweat pants and t-shirt. I laid down in my bed. As I lay there, my eyes began to close and I was going into a deep sleep. My dream started out normal but then became a nightmare. I began to dream about that night of the boy’s death. It was a little clearer but still a little painful, yet amazingly satisfying all at once.

        The shadow that I saw is coming into place.

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