The Stories of a Dream Walker *on hold*

This book is a bunch of short stories about anything and everything. A girl has a strong imagination that takes her to different worlds and places through her dreams. Every night she dreams something up she writes it down the next morning. The girl’s name isn’t that important as her name changes everywhere she goes. No one she knows has any dreams quite like hers or even remembers them as vividly as she does.
Is currently on hold but there will be new chapters in the future. This is only until I finish some of other books.


1. Playground

~~The girl sat on top of the monkey bars watching and waiting. The other children on the
Playground barely gave her a second glance as she sat there alone. The girl was used to feeling alone; no one came close to her as she hung upside down, her knees bent over one of the bars.
The swing was empty and slowly creaked as it drifted side to side, neglected. She too felt like the abandon swing, alone and slowly drifting. Drifting away from reality but all she could feel was lonely, desperate; desperate for someone, anyone to give her a few minutes of their time but no one did.
The girl didn’t know why she was ‘the outcast’ or why she was always a target of the insults and mockery. It had been this way since she didn’t have any friends to have her back.
It was like someone had shoved her into a room without window’s but there was a door although it was locked it was still there and a light that looked as if it could blow out at any moment. It only took one shade of spiralling darkness away, but it was still engulfing her. The girl made herself small; she was scared that light would blink out. It didn’t matter to her that her imaginary friend was trying to tell her things would change but she couldn’t see HOW? The darkness was consuming the sweet girl though see hid it from her family, putting on a show to make them believe that she was surviving, but barely.
She grabbed the monkey bars on either side of her knees and swung back and forth, wishing that she could swing into another reality but no matter how much she swung her reality stayed the same.
She got down from the monkey bars and sauntered over to the trampoline. The trampoline had many of her classmates happily bouncing and doing tricks until the girl made it to tramp. For a moment they stayed there, hopeful she smiled and stood up straight. A boy in the group noticed her and her smile fell when he spoke.
“Acid-rain is here, I think I want to play on the field.” Leaving, the rest of the kids followed him. Her face faced cracked with rejection.
She lay on the tramp starring into the sky, her only existing friend. He was there but she could never touch or have a conversation with him. He was there all the time; alas it was not enough for that petite girl. All she wanted was someone that could put up with her being there.
After such a heartbreaking day she returned home, where she met her pet duck Ariane. Ariane was rolling a potato across the front yard with her beck.
“Quack,” Ariane greeted the girl.
“It’s good to see you too, Ariane.” The girl patted the ducks feathers. Ariane nuzzled the potato towards the girl, quacking away happily. She picked it up and rolled it along the dry dead grass. Ariane gladly collected the potato each time it was rolled until the girls Mum called.
“Riley, dinner is ready.”
“Coming, Mum,” Riley did what she could that evening to look happy for her parents even though her pain from her ongoing school experience was leaking through the cracks in her smile, they still didn’t notice.
The light in Riley’s dark room was flickering.

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