The Stories of a Dream Walker *on hold*

This book is a bunch of short stories about anything and everything. A girl has a strong imagination that takes her to different worlds and places through her dreams. Every night she dreams something up she writes it down the next morning. The girl’s name isn’t that important as her name changes everywhere she goes. No one she knows has any dreams quite like hers or even remembers them as vividly as she does.
Is currently on hold but there will be new chapters in the future. This is only until I finish some of other books.


2. Mission Impossible?

~~Today at the hospital I was told that I was going to die, that the illness I had acquired was almost untreatable. Also that it had a contagion factor and could spread and kill other people. They told me I only have one choice in this matter. This means I must risk me life with the experimental treatment that hasn’t shown any signs to it even working, but they said I had to do it because I would kill lots of people by walking around in the community. They didn’t care about what I wanted even if it was a selfish one.
They strapped me down on a white hospital bed in a white room with one door and a dim light that only lit up the centre of the room where I was strapped up like someone in the crazy house. The doctor attached drips to both of my arms with the experimental treatment. I saw on the crinkled bags of the drip the periodic symbol for Iodine. Why Iodine?
“I am going to start the treatment now. As soon as you feel that you are going to pass out let me know. You need to get that far in the treatment for it to work.” The doctor explained acting like he believed in his words.
I nodded in response as I watched the thin brown liquid flow down the tubes into my arms. As soon as it entered my system, it burned. It was like my blood was gasoline and the treatment was the match. The fire spread throughout my body feeding a bonfire of pain.
While the doctor replaced the empty bags on the drip, it gave me a few moments where the pain was more bearable but not by much. When the second lot of bags started to release their torturous liquid, every muscle, bone, and organ bleared in the searing heat. My body had become kindling for the flames and there was nothing I could do about it to make it end.
“Is it enough yet?” He asked, but I could see that he was pretending that this was even going to cure me.
“No,” I managed to say. I wanted to say yes but he would only come back later to try again to either killing me or curing me by killing me. The treatment was a death sentence I knew that, they didn’t want sick people like me still walking around. We were too much of a risk to cure in today’s society. Death was better in their minds rather than putting their heads together to come up with a better solution to right the people who caught the disease.
Directly in front of me I saw a pile of crushed skeletons that formed a mound on dirt which was hard from old blood. Before they weren’t there, I must be losing conscientiousness quickly. My body had taken as much as it could take. It was burning out. I opened my mouth to say something or scream or shout but nothing came out.
I heard the doctor remove the drips and walk out as if he had accomplished his only mission. That was just before I passed out. Everything became too bright for my eyes to bear, but for some reason I couldn’t shut them.
The light faded back to normal a moment later. A strongly built man in a golden Greek armour and cape awaited me with his back to me. I felt confused so I asked the mysterious golden man.
“Where am I?”
“The question is not where you are but where you are not.” He turned and I realised who this important person was.
“Yes. I have been watching you, Nathena. You have done well with the ways of the world, but your time on earth is not yet over.” Zeus replied. I felt honoured to meet one of the gods I had read about. It made me wonder why I was chosen to get a second chance, before I had a chance to ask him he began to answer all my unasked questions that had formed in my head.
“The only conditions of your return are that you will go back as a demigod and fix the ways of man-kind and find a cure for the illness you had which is not death nor is it the treatment they gave you. Once you have completed your task you will be welcomed back here as one of the gods.”
The reality Zeus spoke to me in started to break away, “wait, how do I do this task you have set me?” I said with sudden panic.
“That will all be revealed in time.” Then just like that I was shot back into the hospital bed. The restrains were gone along with all the medical equipment.
Open only just a crack was the only door which I went to, to check the hallway. I noticed I was no longer in my hospital gown. I was in one of my favourite hoodies, my leather pants, and black buckle up leather boots. I don’t know who had changed me but I didn’t want to know. I must have been out for quite a long time, maybe even declared dead.
I knew the first thing I had to do was get out of this hospital unseen. Then who knows what may come next.

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