Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


17. The Truth

The Truth

When we got into the house, Ari wasn't expecting us so early. 
"Why are you so early guys?" She said walking to us. "Ari, I need to talk to you." I grabbed her hand and took her up stairs. We sat on her bed and I started to cry. 
"Sam admitted something." 
"What?" She asked.
"He said he cheated on me twice." I cried, "All his mates have known, nobody cared to tell me. They started to talk about it at the table like I was invisible!" Ari just sighed and held me close and grabbed some tissues from her bedside table. 
"Babes, let's get you sorted out, and then we'll talk to Sam." She said grabbing my pyjamas and some make up wipes. I took off my make up and got myself into some comfy clothes. Later, when I went into my room to check on Riley and Niamh, Sam was already in there, on his phone. The door creaked slightly as I opened it, and Sam put his phone down and tried to get into bed. "Sam, come to Ari's room, because you know what we need to talk about." I whispered. 
"Christina, I told you." He muttered pulling the covers over him. 
"Sam. If you love me, talk to me. Please." I left straight after, and sat on Ari's bed. The walls were maroon and the floor was a dark wood. It was only a second after, Sam came in, closing the door behind him. 
"Christina, it was so long ago." Sam moaned bumping down on the bed. 
"Sam, you said twice. Are you kidding? You could of told me this before I had a baby with you!" I shouted.  
"How did I know you'd have a baby with me? It's not my fault!" 
"I didn't know either and it's certainly not my fault! I gave birth to those children and you have no idea so don't come at me with that!" 
"You? I had to move away from everything I had! I could of been someone! AND YOU SAY YOU'RE PREGNANT" 
"Really? Well I think I'd have managed without you, if I'd have known you cheated!" 
"Shut up Christina, you just can't accept the fact I happen to see someone else when we were fifteen years old!"
"It was two people a minute ago!" I shouted, I was brewing with anger now.
"Yeah? Same difference. You can't handle anything!"
"Let's see if you can handle this: Who were they Sam? Which whore?" I spoke quieter now but with a slight grin as I was happy with my come back.
"I don't know who!" He lied, clearly.
"Sure. Who was it?" 
"I don't know about the one on my sixteenth because she left and never spoke to me again."
"Aw, poor Sammy, boo!... So who else?" 
Sam paused and put his hands on his head, "Christina, you don't understand." 
"I don't understand, you're right." 
"It'd destroy you!" Sam shouted loudly.
"...Ari?" I asked quietly, shocked.
"Addie." I heard his mutter.
"Addie!" Sam shouted, we stared at each other for a minute and Sam put his head back down. 
"Okay. Brilliant." I said looking around the room. I wasn't staying with Sam, he was going, or I was and taking my babies with me. I thought how I could end it, but the first thing I did was pull the ring from my finger and throw it on his lap. 
"I'm sorry, Sam but I'm leaving." I whispered.




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