Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


10. Staying at the Hospital


I was overcome by the whole experience, completely. I was sore and tired and emotional; filled with every emotion you can come up with. Most of all I was glowing with happiness. Today Ari was coming back, she was bringing Dad and Grandma. They were desperate to visit me. Sam was having breakfast at some other place, so I was coping alone. Riley and Niamh had just finished feeding and they were back asleep again. I put them beside me in their cot and the door opened. 
"Helloo!" Ari said, with Dad and Grandma behind her. I sat up immediately. 
Dad came straight to give me a hug. "How're you feeling love?" 
"I'm okay. Just overwhelmed.. exhausted" 
"Oh I bet you are, my love!" Grandma said now hugging me. Dad had gone over to the cots to see Riley and Niamh. 
"Ay.. They are beautiful." Dad said, looking at me then looking at them. I smiled back and nodded. 
"Ello little ones." Grandma said, stroking Riley's head while Dad admired Niamh. Then they swapped places. It seemed to be like that a lot; swapping places all of the time, with twins. Ari sat next to me with a magazine, "You feeling any better this morning?" 
"I'm feeling fine, today. Just... in a dream I guess." I answered. 
Dad wanted to get Riley out and rock him for a while and he must of cried. I could see how happy he was after holding them both. The problem was- you could only hold one at a time. I didn't mind though, I had plenty of time in this stuffy hospital room to cuddle them. 
They were paled skinned, like me and had light brown hair, and surprisingly they had a lot of it. My hair was very fine and a light brown sort of blonde and Sams was pure chocolate brown. It was my natural hair too, I'd never coloured it, never wanted too. Niamhs eyes were a greeny blue but Riley's were more of a darker, deep blue, well they weren't identical. They were beautiful anyway and I couldn't have asked for anything better. 
Sam came back then and he greeted Dad and Grandma. They all spent some time with Riley and Niamh, taking photos and cuddling them. It was great to see everyone together and happy. 


* * *


A few hours later Ari had to take Dad and Grandma back home and it was sad to see them go. I knew It would be such a long time before I'd see them again. We'd made arrangements for them to visit for my birthday, which was in a few months time. It seemed like forever away, but so did giving birth, and yet it had already happened. 

The babies were due to be fed, after they left, and Sam stuck around to help pack my bag and also get their outfits out for home. He got the car seats ready and all their outfits and vests laid out. We were able to leave that night, any time between 7pm and 9pm. I couldn't wait to get there. A small room was no place for two babies, A Mother, a Father, and a cool Auntie. It was just too small, and that's why I enjoyed the night feeds, it was just so quiet and peaceful for me and my babies. Our skin together, a bond that'd never be undone.

When we had chance to leave, Sam changed Niamh and Ari changed Riley and put them in their seats. When we finally got to the car with all our luggage and I finally managed to get there too, we got on the road again. I thanked Jane for all the help she gave me, too; she supported me a lot. 

After the few hour drive through fields, then motorways, then towns and then streets, we burst into Ari's and popped the kettle on. I got Sam to bring the little nap seats for the babies. Riley had a blue one with big bear ears on and it rocked slightly, Niamhs was pink and had big butterfly wings on that did the same.

From the day my first children were born was the day my life got more interesting. It was the day things started to become more difficult. The day some things got better.


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