Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


12. Say Yes

Say Yes

I opened Ari's wardrobe. 
"You have to look gorgeous babe." She said pulling all her dresses out. 
"It's just some dinner in your kitchen.." I laughed at her, as she fussed around. 
"Look. It's special. You didn't do anything for Valentines, so do something today!" She shouted, with a smirk on her face passing me a dress, "Put it on."
I pulled it up and looked at it, a stunning navy soft long dress with golden jewels around the collar and waist. 
"I cannot wear this. Its way too posh, I'll look like I'm going to  wedding for gods sake!" 
Ari pulled a face and pulled it off the hanger. 
"Now." She said leaving the room and leaving me with an amazing dress. I studied it in the mirror for a while and put the thing on. It fit me, and I did look dang hot, and in the moment, Ari came in. She paused in the doorway. 
"Yes yes yes yes!" She said pushing me onto the dressing table stool and slamming the door.
Then she started pulling my hair with this curling contraption and shoving all this make up on my face. Foundation, then eye shadows and eye liners. Not that I didn't wear make up but I just didn't understand why. It was literally some dinner at home with Sam, all this was a little much. 
I had blue and gold eye shadow, with light pink lipstick and perfectly contoured skin. Ari was amazing at make up because she did designing and all that. I'll be honest, I thought I looked great, no doubt Sam would, but I looked like I was on my way to a five star restaurant in Hollywood. 
"You look amazing!" Ari said having a little happy fit, jumping up and down, taking a photo. "After giving birth a week ago as well!" Speaking of birth, Riley started to cry. I needed to feed them before we had dinner to keep them silent. It wouldn't be helpful if I had to whip out my breast in the middle of this 'five star date' would it? Nope. 
I walked down the stairs in my fancy outfit and headed to the kitchen and dining room. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't just a bog-standard kitchen, it was huge, and your average mansion look. The room was dim-lit and there were candles all around the room. I looked down to see petals scattered to my seat. I just wanted to laugh, I was cringing out. Davie was cooking dinner, it was my favourite; Spaghetti! I was so pleased. 
"This looks amazing." I said to Davie.
"Well... I try my best." 
I walked over to my chair and stood by it and before I could sit down, Sam walked in. He was stood at the door and he looked at me with a gleam in his eye. He came over and sat down. 
"You look beautiful" He whispered. Davie served our food and left out the front door, it was strange because he wasn't working but I didn't think anything right then. 
"This looks delicious." I said already digging in. 
"Doesn't it!" 
"It is!" I mumbled after eating my first bite. We talked a little during dinner but we were mainly focusing on how tasty the food was, savouring every last bits. The spaghetti was perfectly cooked and the sauce just made my taste buds have a dream come true completely. When we finished our main I started some conversation. 
"So, why are we having this special dinner?" I asked.
Sam paused, "You'll see." 
"What?" I wondered what I would see. I literally had no clue in my head as to why Sam would be romantic. 
"You know what I said." Sam spoke getting up and picking up our deserts in the fridge. Another favourite of mine, cheesecake.
"Oh my gosh, everything I love, I am so excited for this!" 
"Dig in." He put my plate down in front of me. We ate the desert the same as the main pretty much silence. 
"So. What will I 'see' then?" I asked after eventually putting my fork down.
"Wait a little longer." He simply added. I sighed and said nothing, leaning back on my chair thinking of something. 
"You're going to get me a valentines gift?" 
"Sort of.."
"A gift?"
"You could say so."
"Where is it then?" 
"In my pocket." He said quietly and I stopped. There were two possibilities here, he was proposing or he was giving me a necklace or something. He got up and knelt next to me as red as a tomato. I was too probably. He then pulled a little black box out of his back pocket and opened it. 
"Will you marry me, Christina? I'm in love with you. We're young, I know that, but I know I'm not just young and dumb, I'm in love you, and I'm in love with our babies. I'm happier than I've ever been being with you. I belong here and it's where I want to stay forever, with you and our kids. Every day I wake up and every night I go to sleep I know my heart is fulfilled because I have you; you're my everything, my best friend, my girlfriend, so will you be my wife? Please spend the rest of your life with me and marry me?" He said, confidently, calmly. My heart skipped a beat. 
"Yes!" I said, he put the ring on my finger, "OF COURSE!" I shouted, jumping up and hugging him.
"Yay!" Ari came in with Riley and Niamh in both arms after their baths. "Say 'Yay' Niamhy Pooh!" Me and Sam watched her and laughed as she was slowly dancing with them. 
"Good job Sam! You pulled it off! And you got a haircut too!" Ari said.
"What?" I asked, rather confused. 
"We went to get your ring when I got a 'haircut'" Sam explained. That put my mind at rest, I swear there was something going on. I didn't care now. I had a Fiancé!



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