Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


5. Sam


 It was Tuesday morning, and I should've been leaving Ariannas that weekend. Dad said I should stay up here during my pregnancy so It must have been for the best. I was waiting for Sam to get here with Ari on the sofa. 

"I'm 6 weeks pregnant of course I don't have a bump!" I said to Arianna, laughing as she questioned me.
"You need one!" She laughed.
Ding Dong
Sam! I got up and rushed to the door with Arianna running in front of me and opening the door. The first thing I did is hug him in the doorway. Then we stopped, and he looked at my stomach and smiled, hugging me again. His Mum came up behind him with Sams suitcase and offered me a hug aswell. "Oh sweetheart, congratulations!" 

Later on, when Davie came home, Ari decided to order us all a pizza from her favourite place. When it came me and Sam ate it in the spare room on our bed watching a movie. It just seemed like such a perfect time, I was pregnant, we were eating good food, watching a movie, cuddled up. In reality, I was scared. Scared whether I'd ever manage having a baby, scared about going to live my Dad again with a baby. I wanted a house for me and Sam and the baby. And then, Ari came in. 
"I've just spoke to Dad.." She said sitting on the end of the bed. "And we were talking about you moving in here..." I sat up immediately. "For a few years while you get your own house. You too Sam." She looked at us both and then continued. "I know it's a long way from home, but if your interested we can pay for you to live with us and you can see your family anytime." 
Me and Sam looked at each other. 
"That'd be amazing." Sam said before me. 
"It'll be perfect! We needed a place... Oh, thank you so much!" I hugged her and thanked her more than enough and she left. I spent time with Sam and talked about the baby.
"So if it's a boy, we call him..." He said as we lay in bed.
"Riley?... And a girl?" He said smiling at me with his blue eyes shimmering in the light.
He laughed a little and looked back at the TV. "I can't believe this.." He said, and I was almost positive he had glisten in his eye, like tears. I kissed him and I told him it'll be okay.

After dinner, me and Sam took Axel for an evening walk around the surrounding area, the stars were gorgeous and my heart was content. The night was bitter and I was wearing Ari's scarf and gloves. My hand was wrapped tight around Sams, it kept me safe and protected. When we got home I called Dad and sorted everything out between the moving. He said we should get Ari to come up and pick most of my stuff up. 

I went to bed late and kissed Sam goodnight.


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