Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


21. Home


My alarm clock went off, but I was already awake, mesmerised by all the posts, all the pictures posted online of Sam and Addie. It's literally been a few weeks, and they seem to be going out already. Addie, was so beautiful, much prettier than I would ever be, and Sam, funny, good-looking. Horrible more like. Sam's Mum comes round every month or so with some money for the kids, as he couldn't expect me to do it all alone. I didn't even have a job, and there was no chance living with Dad. He wasn't stupid, but he wasn't young anymore, and Riley and Niamh run you breathless now they can crawl.

I threw my phone on the side. It was 1pm already, but I snuggled back down in bed. My Aunt had Riley and Niamh today, she suggested I needed a break with everything that was going on. I didn't need a break, I needed a holiday.


My phone pinged again. I thought it would be Danny. I met him through my Mum, she said she had this friend who had a son my age, and I agreed to more than I bargained for. He texts me way too often, even if he's working he'll manage to text me once or twice. He was nice, in fact lovely, but I didn't want to jump into a relationship whether Sam had or not. I picked my phone back up, and it was Mum.

Hello Hun, you up for a shopping trip next weekend? x

In honesty, no, I didn't fancy it. I didn't feel well, I felt under the weather, not that I didn't want to see my Mum, I just didn't feel up to leaving my house. I didn't reply to the message, I put my phone back down, but I tried to remember to reply later on. I wiggled down into my warm, clean sheets and closed my eyes.


I rolled my eyes and swung back round, what now?

hey Christina are you free this weekend by any chance, beautiful??xxx

I studied the message again and again. Yes. Yes I would like to. I smiled to myself. I could tell Mum I was out then, and I could go out for once. It had been years. I could get her to baby-sit, with Dad. I text back quickly, I suddenly felt well, sat up and tapped out my reply. Without me even bringing up the point- she suggested baby sitting. I told Dad, he said he'd talk to Mum about it, but I was almost certain he wouldn't let me down. I was so excited, I went out once with Ari to a no-alcohol young adults night club, and now I'd go with a boy to a real one. Maybe I'd fall in love all over again and forget Sam. I doubted it but instead I got out of bed, there no way I was going to fall back asleep. Dad was out as well, according to him he was shopping. I jogged downstairs in my blue shirt and started flicking through the channels. Afternoon TV was the worst, Country programs, News, House make-overs and whatever. I left Coronation Street on, and went back upstairs, pulling my hair up in a ponytail.

I could hear the rain lightly on my window, it was a horrible grey day and I wasn't planning on leaving the house. I didn't even have Niamh and Riley with me and it was strange having such little to do. Danny said he'd pick me up at 8pm on Friday and I only had two days to prepare myself. I couldn't believe I'd even agreed to go, but there's nothing I wanted more. My phone started playing a random beat, so I looked over wondering why I'd set an alarm, but then I realised it was a call. It was a completely random number, however, I answered it.
"Hello?" I spoke in a quiet tone, perched on the end of my bed.
"Hi, is this Christina?" Said a woman's voice.
"Yes, who's this?" I asked.
"Alison." There was a long daunting silence and then I realised.
"Sam's Mum!" I choked, "Hi, Alison, um-"
"-Uh yes. I'm just ringing to discuss some things, do you have the time?" She politely requested. I was beginning to wonder what on this earth did she want to discuss.
"Yes, I'm not doing anything. Why? What's up?"
"So, you know, after everything, Sam has had some time to think, and he wants to see the children as much as we do. Now is that what you want?" 
"Yes, yes, I-. You are their family as much as we are, that's fine, any time."
"Well, I thought that'd be the case." She chuckled, still polite. "So could I pick them up with Mac on Friday? Early on? We both have a day off so we right fancied a day at the sea side. We'll bring my sister along as well, if this is all okay with you. I don't reckon Sam will be there, he'll be out with- friends I suppose, like always." It was all a little strange. They had never been heavily involved before, but I could hardly say no. Mac was Alison's husband, and I hadn't really seen him that much, he was basically a stranger- and Alison's sister? Who was she? It all seemed a little worrying, but I trusted Allison, even though she had brought up that ass of a son. I let out a sigh.
"Yes. That'd be nice. I'm going out on Friday night at 8, what time will you be bringing them back?" I asked.
"I'll pick them up at 11, bring them home at about 6 o'clock after tea. Anyway where you off too love? Night out?" She giggled, not in a nosey way.
"Oh, I'm going to Clock's Ash in Burgs Street I think."
"Check you out, hey. Well, that's a plan then, Friday morning."
"Yeah- Alison?" I stuttered, wondering whether my question would be a good idea.
"You know Sam? Is he, 'with' Addie now? It's just how it seems."
"Oh love, I don't know about him but I've seen all sorts just like you have. She's never been in my home, and that's for sure. He has messed a few things up, I really don't know what he has planned in life, I really don't." She explained, sympathetically. 

"Okay, thanks. I suppose I had better get going, then." I said, trying to wean off the conversation.
"Yeah. Well, anyway, I better get back to making Mac's bacon sarnie, see you love."

I chucked my phone onto my bed, and just like that the door went. 

"Dad?" I pondered peering into the living room, dodging all the bags on the bottom landing.
"Yes, Chrissi?"
"Will you babysit then on Friday 8 till morning? I know it's a lot but bonding time for you and Mum?" I smiled, leaning on the counter top.
"Christina there is no me and Mum." Dad rushed, fast. "But, yes. I will do, you need to get out anyway you're- I don't know, not very happy in here."
"I am." I protested, "I am happy I'm just, unhappy sometimes. Can you blame me?"
"I can't." 
"Thank you." I commented, drifting into the living room. 








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