Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


11. Home Sweet Home



Home Sweet Home

The feeling of being back in a large space to do what you want was magical, and I'd only been away for a few days. Quite frankly, I was just sick of the hospital, it was a horrible place, everything smelt the same, everything was crisp and warm and... I was glad to be away. Sam stopped working as well, he wanted to be at home with us and help out. He was never away from them, he always wanted to do whatever he could, which is what I needed. Unlike usual though, he'd been talking to Ari in the kitchen very quietly. I was curious but not so much concerned. They were either talking secretively or standing doing nothing (which was not like Sam at all) Then Ari said she was taking Sam to get a haircut. A haircut? He doesn't need one. He had one a few months ago. Then I got suspicious. Where they seeing each other or something? Was Sam missing the attension? I hoped not, and I doubted it, tried my hardest to do just that. 
When they got home, Sam had a new haircut. Maybe I was wrong and I was just over thinking or even going crazy. He walked into the living room where I was sat on the floor in front of Riley and Niamh having their naps. 
"Very nice." I said smiling at him, acting just like usual.
"Thanks." He said looking in the mirror, checking out his new cut. Then he came and sat next to me and kissed me. 
"Love you." He said, and he put his head on shoulder. 
"I love you too." Things were already a little odd.
"I'm so happy and proud of you." 

"Thanks Baby." I said hugging him. "I'm happy aswell."

"Ari said she will make us a romantic dinner tomorrow and she'll take these two upstairs so we can have some time together."  He suggested randomly.
"Did she? Sounds good to me." I acted casual and went along with it all. 
"Good. I want it to be like going to a restaurant. A date then? You, me, 7pm in the kitchen?" He laughed slightly. 
"Definitely." I laughed back at his little joke. 
"What we going to order?" 
"Chef's choice?" We laughed for a moment and then-

"Oh. Better feed them then." I said quickly coming out of our conversation and picking up Riley to feed him, Sam comforted  Niamh while I did so. It didn't take too long and like always they went back to sleep. 
Later, while I was sat watching EastEnders, I was sure Ari and Sam were talking in the kitchen again, it was just the noise of sudden awkward silence and no footsteps or movement. I didn't say anything though. I don't know anyway, I just sat on the sofa along with my babies in their own seats and watched my program like I should. Sam walked in after that and said he was going to bed. I made sure Ari didn't follow him anyway. She stayed in the kitchen, she said she was doing some work and design. 

I fed the babies and changed them and got them in their cot, and I got in bed with Sam, he was fast asleep anyway. 
I switched off the light put my head down on the pillow.









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