Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


13. Gabriella


It was only a week after being proposed to and things started to fly down hill. Ari was crying on the stairs when I came down with the babies this morning. Davie had been gone a full day and Ari couldn't get hold of him either. I wasn't too worried, because maybe he got caught at work with a dead phone or something. I fed Niamh and Riley, anyway, and Sam took over to care for them for a while. I ate some breakfast with Ari to try and discuss the problem.
"Right, when did you last see him?" I asked her formally.
"Yesterday afternoon, he said he was going to help his friend Steve at work fixing something."
"Okay. So have you got any texts since then or calls?" 
"None. Which is not like him." Then she put her head down on the table, "I'm just worried!" 
"I kn-" Dun-Dun
"He's text me." She said head shooting up and showing me the message:

Davie: Hi Babe, on my way, stayed over at Steve's and my phone died, love you xx

I read the message slowly and looked at Ari. She was still studying the message, 
"Bullshit!" She shouted, getting up violently. "He's a liar! An absolute liar! I knew there was something going on!..." She put her coat on, "Don't tell me that Gabriella-"  
"Who?" I tried to keep up as best as I could. 
"A few years ago I found texts from a girl called Gabriella. I forgave him because he never sent one back." Ari said, now rushing out the door. And it slammed. I walked back into the living room and Sam was in there with the babies. "What's going on babe?" He asked, rocking Riley. 
"Davie might be cheating so I'm guessing she going to look for him." Dun-Dun.
Ari's phone sang and I automatically ran to it. "She's left her phone!" 

Davie: Don't worry by the way baby I am ok phone just messed up!! Chillin with Steve love you xx

I read it out. "That man is cheating on her!" Sam said like he knew for sure. "Probably. But why? Never cheat Baby." I said lounging down into the couch. 
"I wouldn't want to marry you if I was planning on doing so!" He backed himself up. I smirked at him and walked over to them. "Hey boo boo!" I said in my baby tone looking at Niamh who was chilling in the chair. I tickled her tummy, but I don't think she'd developed the understanding of that game yet. Riley was asleep in Sams rocking arms and he put him back in his chair. Then we heard the door open. 
"Forgot my phone!" I heard Ari's voice. She looked like she'd calmed down a bit now and I told her about the text. Sam told me to go with her since Ari wouldn't stop begging. 
When we got in the car we used a locater app on Ari's phone to find where he was, which I thought was a little clingy, but still. He was only a few streets away. Once in the house, Ari saw his car parked on the back lane. "Idiot." I heard her whisper. She drove a little up the street to park and sent him a text.

Ari x : Ok Baby! That's all cool have fun with your boyf, hahaha love youuu :) xxxxxxx

Sometimes Ari was just a genius. We headed to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked, so we took to the back door, where he must have come in. Dun-Dun.

Davie: Loll! Love you babyy cant wait to give you a big kiss haha! Have to go byee xxxx

"What an absolute- Urghh" She whispered as best as possible. I hoped and prayed this was the right house, and according to the app, his phone was laying inside. Ari put her hand on the handle and- It opened! 
"Let me just put my phone on charge!" We heard a man's voice. Me and Ari glanced at each other with the door only slightly open. We both knew it was his voice. 
"Right, don-" Then we heard a kissing sound. Ari's eyes lit up, I grabbed her arm to stop her from running in there. "Baby, I'm so glad you've broke up with her." We heard a woman's voice now, and then more kissing. I let go of Ari's arm, it was time. Instead of running in, she stood at the bottom of the stairs just next to the door. They were there at the top of the stairs. "Sorry. am I interrupting?" She said loudly, hands on her hips. They both stopped kissing and Davie looked Ari straight in the eye. 
"Babe I-" He said running down the stairs, buttoning his shirt. 
"I'm not babe any more!" She interrupted. 
"Ari, she's mad, don't say anything please-" Davie tried to speak, with me half outside, watching it all. 
"Davie! What the hell is Arianna doing here! You dumped her!" The woman butted in. 
"Who is she?" Ari shouted to Davie. 
"I'm Gabriella, his girlfriend!" She shouted while Davie tried to get his words in. 
"Excuse me?"  Ari sarcastically asked, "Bitch, I've been with him for more than five years!" 
"He cheated on you twice, slut!" Gabriella shouted back. 
"I don't care what Davie did because it's over now so carry on what you were doing and I hope you have fun, because if his trash isn't out of my house by tomorrow. I'm burning it and chucking the ashes down his throat unless you aren't throwing yourself down there already!" She shouted, slamming the door. It opened straight away as Davie grabbed her arm. 
"Get off me!" Ari said walking fast and strong. 
"Ari I love you!" Davie tried his hardest to make her stay. 
"Get gone!" She shouted and we got in the car. 



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