Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


19. First Day Back With Dad

First Day Back With Dad


I was in a house with Dad, Myself and two six month old babies. There was no room whatsoever. I burst into my bedroom, the bed still messy from my party. I giggled to myself. It was kind of disgusting that the bed was still a mess from so long ago, but Dad never went in my room, ever. It was tidy (Since I have a major problem with messy rooms) but my bed was exception. I took a deep breathe, chucked my stuff on the floor and left. I hated the fact Sam's smell was on my bed. I skipped downstairs and made Riley and Niamhs bottles, whilst telling Dad more about what happened. Sometimes I do ramble. 
"So basically you've done nothing to him, so he should be the one feeling ashamed." Dad assured. 
"Well... Yes. Though he would say it's me wouldn't he? It's the same for every argument. You never blame yourself." I added.
"Firstly, It's more than an argument. But what could you have possibly have done? Unless you've skipped over some parts you have said." He exclaimed.
"Honestly Dad." I objected, "The bad things I did were things in the argument, which you can expect! I had to shout at him, same as he did to me." 
"Christina, you need be careful what you say." He piped. I closed the formula lid violently, "Excuse me Father, but it was him!" I protested. 
"I know, I know." Dad nodded and picked up his brew.


* * *

 I had Riley on one hip and Niamh on the other, trying to juggle the bag of toys from my suitcase. I resorted to carrying it in my mouth, and Riley slapped them and chuckled. I stopped for him and started shaking my head around as he giggled more at me.  Niamh giggled now from my right ear. I stood on the landing for at least ten minutes, shaking my head and blowing bubbles on the bag until they no longer thought it was the funniest thing they'd ever seen. "I wondered where you'd got to!" Dad pondered when I walked into the living-room, he was watching Jeremy Kyle. 
"We ended up playing a game!" I mentioned, putting Niamh and Riley on the play mat giving them their toys. I sat behind them to make sure they were safe sat on their own. All they seem to do is stick them in their mouths, but at least it will keep them happy while Mummy has a sit down. 
I flicked through a magazine that must have been from at least 6 months ago. 
"So your eighteen now Christie." Dad pointed out the obvious. 
"Yeah..." I agreed, "And?..."
"Your old enough to make the right decisions. Your a proper adult."
"Yep." I mused.
"I don't know how this will seem to you, or even it's the wrong time to ask, but... Your Mother." 
"My Mother?"
"Around two weeks ago she became in contact with me because she knew you were eighteen and able to meet her. I obviously had to explain why you didn't live with me."
"Yes?" I wondered.
"And of course, tell her she was a Grandma." 
It took me a moment to take in the fact my Mum had found this out all in one go. She must have been pretty shocked. 
"She is willing to meet you, and wanted me to tell her if I got hold of you. She lives about fifteen minutes away, she hasn't been with the man she ran away with for about three years, so she says."
"Tell her YES!" I stammered all of a sudden. For some reason I felt as though I just needed a Mum. I know what she did was not right, but it's been longer than ten years ago and she has moved on from the man she ran away with. It seemed right for me at that time. 
"Did Ari meet her?" I asked after a while. 
"No. Ari hates her guts, she remembers her Mum leaving, so she has very different view. Plus a few years ago she said she'd seen her on Facebook and didn't like the look of her."
"No. I want to see her, now. Tell her!" I plead. 

After talking about Facebook, I decided to get it back. I had lost interest in it after a while, and had no time for it at all. When I logged on, I went right onto Addie Bridges. I scrolled through the busy feed, and found a picture of Sam and her, with the caption

"Miss this Boy <3"








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