Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


8. Final Week

Final Week

Christmas had past and New year was amongst us. I was laid in bed with me thirty-seven week bump. I sighed. Time had flown by and I was being induced next Monday. Jane (my midwife) called me yesterday. She told me that my Twins needed to be born on the thirty eighth week, because she told me something about the placenta not being able to give enough for the babies. Anyway, that was the plan and it scared me so much, but yet I had no choice. I could tell Sam was scared, he had no idea what expect being a Dad. Ari on the other hand, was more excited than anything. She'd never really spent much time with any young baby, and I couldn't wait for her to help out. 

Sam yawned all of a sudden and stretched out next to me. 
"Mornin'" I said, sat up now. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me.
"Oh. Mornin'. How you feelin' then?" He asked.
"I'm fine. Nervous." 
"Me too." He whispered now looking at the ceiling. 
"It'll be fine, babe." I kissed him and slowly hobbled off the bed. I felt like I was carrying a big box around with me everywhere- and it was so heavy. Everything was getting more difficult, and all I wanted to do was rest anyway, so I did. I ate my pop-tart and watched some TV.  
Even when it got to 1pm, I was still sat in my pyjamas, half because I started watching Tangled and half because I had nothing better to do. So, basically, my reason was that I really did not have anything to do. Sam and Davie were at work, Ari was shopping and I was a big helpless lump on the leather sofa. There were boxes of baby-stuff in the corners of the room and Kitty the cat found them a fun place to play. Not so much Axel. He just followed me everywhere, he was sat with his head on my lap right now actually. 
Later on, when Ari was home, I thought it was only polite to get changed and not sit around like a slob. 
"Hey Babes." She said wandering in with bags of shopping. 
"Hiya. All stocked up now?" I asked smiling at her wobbling around.
"Yep." She put them down and took a breath. 
"I'd help you but um..." I laughed and looked down at my stomach. 
"Yeah..." She laughed back and sat next to me, putting her arm around my shoulder. 
"I hope it goes well Hun." 
"Me too." 
"I'm here if you need me and I'll do anything you need for Niamh and Riley." 
I nodded and hugged her then I made my way to my room where I packed some more stuff for the hospital. I didn't really want to miss anything since I might end up being there for a long time. 
Toothbrush, check!
Sponge, check!
Clothes, check!
Coming home clothes, check!


The list was quite continuous. 



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