Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


7. Family


Today Sam, Ari and I were going down to Dovery to see our family. It'd been a lot of promised phone calls, until now, and finally we were to see them. It was the last time we'd see them until 2015, since weren't going to come over during Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, it was nearly December and my twenty-two week bump was looking bigger and bigger by day. It was starting to become difficult to carry it around with me everywhere. 

When we got there, I was happy to see my Dad, I could tell he was tearful after seeing me and we hugged for a long time. I picked up some more of my things and Dad came with us to Grandma's house. Sam went to his house aswell, to see his Mum, Dad and brothers. When we got to Grandma's, my Auntie, Uncle, Cousin Ben and Zeri were there. They were all happy to see me and shocked at the size of my bump. I announced to everyone about the names and genders and it seemed to please everyone. For dinner, Grandma made us a classical broth. 
"What's it like then?" My Aunt Hol asked, "I've only ever had one at once!" 
"It's strange really, It hasn't become real yet." 
"You must be scared, darling, being seventeen and I know it's tough, I had Ben when I was 18." She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. 
Ben was at that boy-teenager stage in life where he sits there on his phone in the corner, Zeri however, wouldn't keep away. Considering he's eight, I sat on the floor with him and played a board game, it was 'Snakes and Daggers'. 
"Santa is bringing me a bike this year!" He said, folding up the board. 
"Really? Wow! You're well lucky!" I said, enthusiastically. 
"I know!" 

Then we had our dinner. It was a little silent at first but then Zeri started talking about how Santa was going to leave him a note because he asked him last Christmas .He was such a funny little boy. I could tell for sure Ben didn't like him, they were at the total opposite ages in life; moody teenager and hyper youngster. I can definitely  say I prefer to hang out with Zeri. It hasn't always been this way, infact, Ben and I used to be best friends. Oh how Grandma's back room turned into an under sea cave and I'd be the mermaid called Ariel and Ben would say he was a fish called Flounder. That was when Zeri was first born. And we'd creep in and pretend Zeri was our long lost baby (without Aunt Hol knowing). 
We'd whisper, "Psssst! We're here to save you!" 
Now Ben turned into one of those boys who got to fourteen and just hibernate. When I was that age, I wasn't too bad because I didn't need to focus on boys because I had Sam. 
Eventually, me, Dad and Ari had to leave. I hugged everyone apart from Ben, who was sat in the corner still. "Are you not having a hug, Flounder Ben?" I asked, laughing. 
"Yes, Ben. Get off your mobile and kiss your cousin goodbye. And Arianna and Uncle Mark." He got up then and gave me a hug and I managed to get a smile out of him. Just a small one. 

After a few minutes of goodbyes, we dropped Dad and off and picked Sam up from his Mums house. Then we were back off on the two and a half hour journey to Ari's. 




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