Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


15. Eighteen


There was nothing in to eat. Ari hadn't been shopping at all, she was too distraught, not because she misses him, because now she's realised what's the truth, now everything has become clear. The girl was Gabriella, she was going out with Davie before they even moved down here. Ari said that Davie didn't want to marry Ari because they weren't going to have kids. It was actually because he was cheating on Ari. Davie did come to pick up his stuff, Ari didn't even go near him, actually we got Sam to go the door with the bags. Other than the drama, Riley and Niamh are 3 months old now, and Riley has started smiling and chuckling. Niamh has done some smiling but not as much as her brother. They're really starting to grow now, spending time on their tummies, and kicking around on their play mat. Ari was down, but me, Sam and the kids seemed okay. Ari wasn't even in the mood to play with them, which was totally unlike her. In all honestly, I didn't care today, it was my birthday and Dad, Grandma, My Auntie, Uncle, Ben and Zeri. Aswell as Sams Mum, Dad, Brothers (Callum and Zach). The great thing was, non of them knew that we were engaged, so there was even more news to tell. Plus, only Dad and Grandma were the only ones who had seen Riley and Niamh in person. So that's all. The funny thing is, they all seem to be family because Addie hasn't text me, called me or had any contact to me at all, and I sent her plenty of photos of the little ones. The only girl who bothered to text me was Bethany Well. I never really spoke with her, she was just one of the girls who went to my secondary school. Everyone should get here at 1pm and it's still 8am right now. Ari had got me a new coat from her designer company and Sam got me a locket necklace with Niamh and Riley's pictures in the heart.
"I can't wait for Mum to see Niamh and Riley." Sam said, trying to set up the baby swing. He was across the room from me, nursing Niamh. 
"I know. It's been ages." I answered. Ari was cleaning up ready for the guests, washing up and dusting, even when the house was pristine anyway. 

Afterwards, when everything was prepared, Dad arrived with Grandma. We gave them a huge cuddle, and they gave me my gifts. They went to see Riley and Niamh before everyone else came who hadn't met them yet. Dad got me some gorgeous earrings as a joint present along with a card saying 'To a Wonderful Daughter'. It went straight in the window. I showed them how Riley and Niamh could role almost and they also gave a massive smile. A few minutes later, Aunt Hol and Uncle Jim came with Ben and Zeri. Aunt Hol gave me a present and a card from all of them but most of all she couldn't believe how good I looked. Zeri skipped off into the living room, with Ari there holding Riley. 
"Hun, you look fab!" Aunt Hol said looking me up and down, she gave me a massive hug and started asking about everything. Ben just awkwardly wondered with his Dad in the kitchen. 
"Come on in guys!" I told them, everyone greeted in the livingroom. Aunt Hol was so amazed on how much they looked like Sam. Speaking of him, he was standing in the corner of the room, looking very awkward indeed. I waved him over to me in the kitchen, and as I did, his family got here. They had a gift for me too and everyone gathered in the livingroom. They chatted and met the Niamh and Riley. Everyone was so amazed and complimented me more than anything. It made me feel so much better, I thought I'd put weight on. I opened the presents in the living room and Aunt Hol had got me a Baby-grow for adults. I found it quite cute and thanked them. From Sams Mum, Alison, I got some chocolates and a scented candle. I was very happy with the presents and put them together in the kitchen. 
"Nobody has even noticed my ring!" I whispered to Sam, giggling. 
"Has anyone noticed something about Christina?" Sam said loudly to everyone. 
"What?" His Mum asked. His brothers were watching Tv. 
"Look." Sam said, pulling me forward. 
"Her ring." 
Alison just stared at her son, starting to cry. She got up and hugged him, "My grown up boy!" Then everyone's attension turned to us. Everyone was asking. 
"They're engaged!" Alison said jumping around, then looking at my ring. 
"You never stop with your exciting secrets do you!" Aunt Hol said, everyone congratulating us.

Later, we had some dinner and I had to feed Niamh and Riley. Like usual, Ben said nothing, but yet again neither did Callum or Zach. They were both younger than Sam, around thirteen, but I didn't know for sure. Ari had cheered up after a while and told everyone about what had happened. Everyone supported her. It brought my happiness up a little anyway, I hated her being down. She was like my best friend, but even closer; she was my sister.  

I liked having some kind of birthday celebration, but like Sam, didn't like doing this much. Sams birthday was in two months, and we have already agreed on spending it alone. Mentally. And when I say mentally we made that agreement by the eye contact across the crammed table. 


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