Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


14. Davie and Ari 2007-2009


Davie and Ari 2007-2009

This chapter is written as Davie and Ari's diary, back when they first met.

     Thursday 2nd August 2007
I don't have many friends, that's just what happens when you get a boyfriend. My little sister,Christina, is driving me nuts anyway, cos when Davie came over, she kept coming in and saying hi to annoy us! It's our 'our week anniversary' and I really like Davie! He accepts me for my problems anyway! When I put it like that, I sound weird as heck but he totally understands! Dad said be careful which guy you trust but i know I can trust him. Ari x


1/09/07 Been going out with Arianna for like a month and she told me she cant have kids. I'm okay with it, I dont really want them anyway.. I like her so we can just go out.


 15th September 2007
Christina had to go to hospital because she cracked her head open! Not really much else.
Ari x

20/09/07 Me and Ari broke up, I think I like someone else anyway. Davie

20th September 2007
Super pissed. Me and Davie broke up and now he's going out with Gabriella Wilson and she;s a slut from Balldale. Ari 

4/10/07 Moving away from Dovery. It's all because my mum needs a job in this place down south. I don't think we are coming back till next year. Gabriella said she will keep in contact. Davie

10th October 2007
I've been texting Davie again. I like him. Again. 

12/10/07 I like 2 girls at once, I dont know what to do.

27th October 2007 
I'm going out with Davie again. We want to stay together this time like adults, So now I might think of moving in with him when I turn 20. We'll see. 


3rd March 2008
Moving in with Davie next week! Said my goodbyes to grandma and that! We'll have to visit every week!

20/3/08 Me and Ari are sticking together now, we live with my mum and it's so amazing, away from all the kids at school who are making us break up. Mainly Gabriella. We have started in college to do design, exactly what we both want.

16th November 2008 
We rented a flat for a while, got a year left at college and then we go into work experience! Never been happier.

20/11/08 Been texting Gabriella, she wants me to come back because she really misses me?

6th Feb 2009 

I cant believe this!! I'm pregnant! We kept trying for months and oh my gosh. I thought I couldn't have kids!

7/02/09 Ari lost the baby. We are really hurt. I told Gabriella and she said we should break up. 

9th Feb 2009
Found texts on Davies phone from Gabriella. He didn't send any back so I'll forgive him. I'm just really down about the miscarriage.

14/02/09 I deleted all the messages before so Ari forgave me and now Gabriella is moving here. 

20th Feb 2009 
Davie is out so much for 'work' and whatever. :(

1/3/09 Me and Gabriella are seeing eachother now. I couldn't deal with this if Ari found out. 

7th March 2009 
Bored at home. Home is boring. Getting a dog tomorrow, naming him Axel!

28/3/9 Breaking up with Gabriella can't do this, Ari matters more!

2nd June 2009 

Me, Davie and My doggy are pals!








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