Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


22. Clock's Ash

Clock's Ash

"Love you babies!" I kissed my two beautiful babies on the cheeks as Alison carted them into their seats and went on their day-out.  I stood and waved for a while as they left, and jumped back inside. 

After sitting in the living room for a few hours my phone started ringing, Danny.
"Hi." I greeted. 
"Hey, looking forward to tonight?" Danny asked in a sweet tone.
"Yeah!" I sung.
"Me too. Is Sam and his bird going, I heard some of the lads from Chessum's are having a night out there?"
"Sam?- Uhh... He is one of the lads from Chessum, but I have no idea."
"Just so you know, if he tries anything, he'll regret it."
"He won't. It's the girl you should be worried about."
"Addie is it? Aggie?"
"Addie." I laughed.
"I don't know! They won't do anything to you. If he's going, she might do, but I don't know- oh."
"What?" I chimed in.
"Andy Roberts has just tagged a load in a status about it."
"What? Who?" 
"Go on Andy Robert's Facebook but I have to go, my Mum's going wild." He chirped, all I could hear is his Mum squawking in the back.
"Okay. Bye!" I laughed.

I typed in the name of this random Andy guy and scrolled to his latest status. 

'Tonight with the crew, clocks ash lads.. - Nick Days, Sam Lurpet, Addie Trucket, Robbie Maxet, Adam Tone.

How did I know? Addie would be going wouldn't she? It's the perfect love story for them, it could be for us. It could be. Still, doubted it. 


* * *

I heard the knock at the door and I knew Danny was here. I was wearing a tight black dress and I'd straightened my hair because as bad as it sounded it's because I knew how much Sam liked it down, but I'd always wear it up. I wanted to make Sam jealous as he'd try and make me.
I opened the door, an extremely attractive someone standing at my door. Wow. Danny was gorgeous, wearing a light blue designer t-shirt and black jeans. I felt extremely lucky that he would want to be with someone like me. 
"Hey!" I smiled, brightly. 
"You look beautiful." He said. I just died. The End. 
"Thank you." I looked him up and down, fluttering my false lashes. 
I said bye to my Dad and left, as we set off walking down my road to the Clock's Ash. It was only 10 minutes away, so it didn't take an overly amount of time.

As we were checked through the bouncers, I could see smoke and flashing lights and booming music. 
"It's the first time I've been to this place!" I had to shout in his ear. 
"I know!" And as he turned to talk into my ear, he nudged me. "Hey, look it's the crew, Andy Roberts."
I turned, slowly, and why, why O why was it that the first eye I looked in was Sam's. He didn't even look good, and damn, my date was hot, but his date was perfect. Addie. Her arms were wrapped around him, she had her beautiful long hair straightened, and the most amazing dress. I looked like a pig. Still, as soon as we caught each others eye, he looked me up and down and then at Danny. I turned back around and Danny put his arm around me. I smelt a strong scent of after shave, but I was even more happy by the fact Danny was the one putting his arm around me, other than poor Sam with Addie all over him. 
"You are so much hotter than her." He says, looking down at me, as I was the smallest of the small next to him. 
I smiled as a thank you as speaking was such a task. Hot wasn't exactly the look I was going for. But still, it was a start.


When we finally got in, the music was good, dance music, loud, a lot of bass. Danny bought us shots and we got straight on the dance floor. I wasn't even thinking about Sam, until him and Addie were dancing like a metre away from us. Addie had never even recognised me, she hadn't looked over once. Sam had, Sam wouldn't stop and before some time she had to wonder what he was looking at. I was so bothered about what they were doing, all of a sudden. Danny put his hand on my cheek, "Stop worrying about them." He said, and before I could even say anything he leaned in. It was the first time with him and we're already snogging. It was nice though, he was nice, he was an amazing kisser. When I looked up, I locked eyes with Sam again, he raised his eyebrows in a strange way but carried on dancing with Addie, so I leaned in this time, because I was just enjoying being with Danny. Danny was where I wanted to be right now, and nowhere near Sam.


* * *

In time, we left, and walked home, far from sober, but still hand in hand. We were on our way to Danny's which was even closer than mine. It was his own house, it looked scruffy from the Aldi car park but inside it was pretty decent. We put the Tv on for a minute, but teleshopping wasn't very appealing. We just went up stairs after that, and if you've ever watched Mamma Mia? 

 Dot dot dot!




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