Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


2. Birthday Party

Birthday Party


The party had only been on for a few hours and everyone was there, Sam, Addie, Grace, Jack and most of the girls from High School. I was even sure I saw some year tens or nines, who clearly didn't even know it was my birthday, infact I even saw people I didn't know at all. They were just there for the alcohol and the pointless urge to misbehave. I just saw faces (other than Sam and my actual friends). Addie, for example hung with me all night, and we had the best time. We danced, we drunk, we laughed and we drunk some more. It was a cycle that hurt my head. People were kissing each other; people were getting crazy. Before I knew it my house couldn't fit any more bodies. Music played over and over to the point the songs seemed all the same. There was no stopping, and I was having a real party. A few faces I recognised would often come and say "Hey, happy birthday Christina!" And then we'd stumble away and carry on doing the same. And then... The rest. The later it got, the more of a blur it became. 


I lie in my bed with Sam trying to recall the night over and over. I must have been super drunk, because I've drunk before but I haven't had that much and felt this way the morning after. But I'm officially seventeen now, so that's a bonus. And I had the best party ever. And I got to spend it with the best people. And some random people... Wait. I try to sit up and look around and nobody is in my room other than us, so did everyone else get home? Were they downstairs? I get up and creep out of my room, noticing I'm not dressed properly so I quickly get into some sweat pants and a t-shirt and looked in my Dads room. Oh God. Who are these people on my Dads bed? They need to put some clothes on. I shut the door and creep back out. As I walk downstairs I see nobody, until I get in the living room. There are 3 people asleep on the couch and that's about it. I'll wait until 10am to wake them up, I thought. I go around the house with a bin bag, pick up any rubbish and tidy round, after all, I don't have that long till Dad comes home, and this would just destroy him. (Especially the ones in his freaking bed!) 


I make myself some breakfast and get the three guys out of my living room. They moan at me and it takes quite a while, but they call their Mums or friends and leave. Same for the lunatics in my Dads room. I just continuously knock on the door and throw cushions at them with my eyes covered. 


Sam has woken up and we sit and watch TV together for a while until he gives me a massive hug and kiss and leaves. I knew I'd text him and call him but obviously its different. I do the last parts of tiding up and take a nap.




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