Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


16. Allontanandosi dal tavolo

Allontanandosi dal tavolo

Sam and I were out tonight, for a meal, with old friends. It was all Ari's idea. She wanted us to have fun while she looked after Riley and Niamh with Austin (her new boyfriend). So a lot has changed, it's been three months since everything went down, and yet, Ari is dating a man she had met long before. So Riley and Niamh are six months, and Ari can't get enough of them, they are getting more fun and interesting by the day. So there's the details. A meal with everyone who ignored me for so long. Sam invited Rob, Nick and Adam (along with Adams friend Jack) and my friends, Addie, Bethany, and Colleen. They're only people I was close to, but they wanted to come anyway. We were going to a Italian restaurant in Dovery because they all live there.

* * *

Later, when I was ready and Sam was too, I gave Riley and Niamh big kisses, and Austin drove us down back near home, he was going to stay in Dovery for a while instead of driving back and forth. I hadn't known him too long, yet he'd been handing out favours like a wild fire. When we got there, me and Sam were first and sat at our booked table awkwardly. Before long, Addie and the girls turned up and gave me a big hug and had a big song and dance about how much they missed me. Next the lads came and we all sat together. 
"Uh... Can I take your order?" A shy, pale, tall boy came over, dressed in a waist coat. We decided to get 2 big pizzas between us all. 
"So how are things gettin' on?" Someone asked. 
"Hey Christina, remember your party?" Addie asked. 
"What party?" Bethany questioned, since I don't think she came to my seventeenth. 
"Was it the party when Sam got with that fit girl?" I heard a male voice on my side of the table. It felt like someone just stabbed me. What is he talking about?
"What? Shut up Jack, you were at Christina's 17th right?" Colleen said slapping Jack, whoever he was. 
"No, it was Sams 16th, remember?" Jack answered, holding Sams hand up like he was a champion. 
"Christina..." Addie said kicking my leg, "When did Sam cheat on you?" I ignored her as I was so engrossed in what he had to say. 
"Jack shut up! Christina is here you know. Christina is Sam's girlfriend!" Addie said across the table, biting some pizza. Then I froze, time slowed down. How can I sit here, humiliated, like I was invisible? I can't sit here and pretend that I don't care. A fit girl? What? When did Sam have a party? I got up. Everyone looked up at me, and only Addie got up aswell. I turned around,
"Christina- no- it-" Addie stuttered trying to grab me. She followed me to the bathroom, as my face felt warm and I started to feel fuzzy. I slammed into a cubicle. 
"Christie... Babe." She said leaning on the door. 
"What is that ass hole, Jack on about?!" 
"Don't listen to him." She sounded unsure, stuttering for words. "Y- H- He was saying- Ages Ago when Sam had a party." 
I sat on the toilet lid with my head in my hands, "What party?" 
"Oh, years back." Addie said like it was all cool.
"Years back?" I shouted, "Years back? It was 2 years ago!" 
"You didn't have a baby then-" Addie tried to make it seem fine.
I opened the toilet door and walked to the sink and leant on it. "Look, I know." I took a deep breathe, "We were fifteen ...Maybe your right." 
Addie hugged me, "See, I am right. I was right all along. You're such a loon." She said buffing up my hair and trying to fix my make-up with her finger, though I pulled away. "I'm going home anyway now, it's okay." 
"Home?" Addie paused for a second, "Christina, that's called being a huge baby, you're letting them get to you! Get out there." Addie was annoying me a little now with her remarks, but I rolled my eyes and walked out the restroom anyway. When we got to the table, I went to Sam. Jack was sat next to him. 

"Move. Now." I said, confidently to this cocky prick who my so called boyfriend invited. 
"Who woke up the lion, ey?" Jack laughed to Sam, though he just blanked him and told him to move. I sat down on Jack's seat, when he moved, and turned to Sam. 
"Explain." I simply said. Sam had is head down.
"Explain, now, Sam. Or you'll regret it." 
"You know what Jack said!"
"I do. So is it true?" 
"Christina, please, just, it was twice I promise, never again." He muttered, but I heard him just fine. 
"...Right." I said, looking around. "Well then, it's time to go home now. I'll call Austin. Say ba-bye to your mates" I got up and texted Austin to tell him we were done while Sam said bye. 
"Babes, why are you going?" Addie said with a few others, but I was angry now and I wasn't afraid to say what I thought. "Look Addie, why would you care? When I was going through a tough time carrying twins you didn't even care about me and now I'm apparently your best friend?" After that, I left. We got in the car and went back to Ari's, saying nothing the whole way there.






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