Christina Arnett is a girl with ambition to become an actress, however, her world changes before her after a drunken house party for her 17th birthday. A few months living at her sisters turns into 3 years when Christina got a positive test.


3. 2 Lines

Chapter 3
2 Lines 


I've been at Ariannas for 2 weeks now and I'm having the time of my life. I'm starting to get too used to the open living room and chandelier. It's just too beautiful for words. 

I sit on the kitchen top whilst Arianna is talking to me about her and Davie, her boyfriend. 
"He works a lot but we get the nights to hang out- when we can just cuddle up and watch TV, it's really what I prefer anyway, since I like to be in my office most of the day, anyway." She tells me, leant on the marble surface. 
"I just can't believe you've been together so long and he's not proposed." 
"Well yeah... We should tie the knot, I just want to see what he's got planned, you know what I mean?" 
I feel sick so suddenly and I jump of the counter holding my stomach with one and and holding the counter with the other to keep me balanced. "You okay babe?" Arianna says and I nod immediately. "Yep, I just feel sick." I say. She gets me some water almost automatically and I sit on the couch with Axel, Ari's dog. I didn't feel right at all, and there was something in my head that I was denying over and over. My sister came and sat next to me and we watched Jeremy Kyle for some time, until I spoke. 
"Ari, can I talk to you?" I said as calmly as possible. 
"Yeah anytime." She simply added pausing the TV and turning to face me. 
"I.. I.. think.." I stuttered trying with all of the energy inside me, to stay calm, until I couldn't any-more. I began to cry, cry like I hadn't in a very long time. I pushed forward onto Ari and she put her arms around me for a minute. Maybe five. 
"What's up babe?" She asked, still arms wide around me. I took deep breathes, and tried to remember that Ari won't care; she's my sister and I can trust her. Out of anyone I know I can tell her this. 
"I... m.. missed my period.." I said quietly still sobbing. The words made me feel worse.
"...Wait." She pulled me up and looked in my eyes with a shocked expression, then she pounded up, "Okay, hang on.." She then darted out of the room and I just sat there looking around. After a few seconds she came back in again, with her hands behind her back like she had something to show. 
"I'm sure this is what you meant, and I have these just in case, I've had them for ages and I'm going to give you one to find out something." For some reason we never said the word, because for some reason we were almost certain it was unreal. Then her hand moved and next thing I knew she held out a pregnancy test in front of me. I stared for a moment, took it and hugged Ari tight. "Good luck." 


I closed my eyes and I looked again and I did the same more than fivetimes before it sunk in. I had taken 3 pregnancy tests and they had  all read positive. How can they be wrong? How can this be right? I knew what'd happened at my party, but I didn't think. I didn't think... this. My sister knocks on the door and asks me if everything's ok and I finally reply:

"2 lines"






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