Pretty Hurts

It's about one girl who is a model. She don't want do date any famous person. She just want to live normal life again. She falls in love with an ordinary guy who just wants her money, but not her love.


1. My Life As A Famous Person

It was Friday night. I was sitting on the chair before my performance and listening to the sound of my favorite singer Beyonce - Pretty Hurts.


My Life is some kind made of plastic and money. I'm a famous role model, I always wanted to be one, but I didn't realize that being something like that takes you more than one year to learn it.


And being a role model doesn't make me happy. Just the plastic smile can make me happy, but not in the heart, just on the face.


Every other model like me says: ‘’it’s such a shame for a beautiful model to marry an ordinary guy.’’

So what? I have to marry Justin Bieber? Austin Mahone? Justin Timberlake? Ian Somerhalder? Why do I have to do that? I don’t have other choice or what? I have to have children with some famous person? I really don’t want to. I love the boys with big hearts, not with more money than me.


My Friend’s name is Kristine Ullebo. She’s a model too, but I don’t love her just because of that she’s famous, I do love her because of that she has a good heart.


‘’It’s time! We have to go Emily’’, said the security standing right behind me.


We left the room 5 minutes before the performance.


‘’You look great, Rudd’’, said Kristine.


‘’That’s what makeup is for’’, I’ve said that before I entered on stage.


‘’Kristine Ullebo and Emily Rudd! So beautiful! Please give them an applause!’’, said the announcer.


We’ve started to walk on stage like some fools, even if we don’t wanted to. The public has given us a big applause at the end of the show. We are finally free.


‘’Congratulations! You did great!’’, said my manager before we went home.


‘’Hey Katy!’’


‘’What is sweaty?’’, said my manager Katy.


‘’Do you want to be someday in my place? As a model?’’, I’ve asked her.


‘’Maybe, someday. Why?’’


‘’I’m just asking. J’’, I’ve answered.


‘’Hey Emily!’’, said Kristine.




‘’Party tonight remember? At my house’’, she said exited.


‘’Yup! I’m coming’’


‘’Well, see you there’’, she told me before she has get out of the car.


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