Pretty Hurts

It's about one girl who is a model. She don't want do date any famous person. She just want to live normal life again. She falls in love with an ordinary guy who just wants her money, but not her love.


2. Meeting My Idol

I’m preparing myself for tonight.

Mascara, eye shadows, lipstick, that’s everything that I need right now. And.. Done! I’m ready for tonight.


My manager, Katy is waiting outside with the limo. I got in the car and left. After 10 minutes, when I got out of the car I was in front of Kristine’s house.


Inside I’ve heard some music. When I’ve opened the door I’ve smelled the smell of the fun. In front of the door I’ve seen Kristine.


“Come in and guess who is here”, said my Friend.


“Hey! How are you?”, I’ve asked her.


“Don’t be silly. I’m great! Have a drink!”, said Kristine.


“So, who else here is famous?”, I’ve asked.


“Harry”, she said exited.


“Harry Stiles?”


“That’s Right! He wants to meet you, there he is. He’s coming to you now. I’ll go to get some drink”, said Kristine.


“Hey pretty lady”, said someone.


That someone was Harry Stiles. I’m his biggest fan and of course I’m so freaking happy about that.


“Who, me?”, I’ve asked.


“Yes you. I love your style”, he said.


‘‘Thanks. I’m a big fan too. The biggest, I guess‘‘, I’ve said with a true smile on my face.


‘’So you like to dance?’’, he gave his hand in front of me.


“Well ye… No!”, I have spit it out that “yes”, before “no”. Even if I’m his big fan, it doesn’t mean that I can date him, dance with him and do whatever I want with him.

And yeah, like I just said, I love normal boys, not some famous hotties.


“So, that means yes?”


“No! Never mind”, I have leaved him and went by Kristine.


“He has a since of humor, right?”, said Kristine.




“Don’t be silly! He’s the hottest guy at the party”, said Kristine.


“How many times do I have to tell you that I want to date a normal person and not some famous hottie?”, I’ve asked her.


“Well, you didn’t told me at all”, she answered.


“Don’t lie to me!”, I started to piss.


“Chill!”, said Kristine, “go find someone on your own”.


“I will!”


I went outside with a bottle of vodka. In front of me were 10 Paparazzi who wanted to take a picture of me and my fake beauty. Well, just the bottle was important around me. I was just one piece of plastic.


I went back home from Kristine’s party and I started crying. At the end my make up was scattered, but I didn’t cared about it.


The bell started ringing. I’ve opened the door and in front of me I saw Harry.


“I want to apologize. Why are you crying?”, he asked me.


“It doesn’t matter!”, I’ve started screaming around and closed the door.


I don’t know how to continue with my life like this. If I give up, I’ll lose my friends, especially Kristine. I have to stay strong, go away from this mess and walk like a man.

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