Colection of poems, accompanied by the poem "New York Ciity"


1. Poem one

The Moon

The moon that shines ever so bright

I see you when the wind whispers in the night

how magnificent is the light

I see you when I look up.

in the night your lights always so bright


Mid summer lake

The little ripples on the lake

I used to think they were fake

just as the wind whistles

it’ll blow out the thistles


The Unexpected Punch


I was sitting eating my lunch

then came a sound, “Punch”

Soon after I heard a little crunch

then Ella gave a small munch.

but, no-one ever spoke

of that untidy lunch.


Bad Hair Day


It was 99.9% humidity

when I looked over to little Lizzy

My was her hair frizzy

as she walked passed

everyone just gasped



The city of lights

you thought that was New York City?

I’d advise you recount your plights

its not the Love City

Im not sure which is right

for that one one I’m unsure


What If?

As I lay in bed

What ifs find themselves in my head

what comes tomorrow?

What if my teacher is dead

What If my friends are all snotty?

What if my sinuses are groggy?

The what ifs I cant manage

Ill find out what lies ahead tomorrow.

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