June was diagnosed as Psycotic when she was only five. How's this one going to sort out?


1. Psycopass

































  My name is June, I’m a latent criminal. I was labeled as a latent criminal when I was only 5 years old. I remember looking over at my dear mother, her face full of despair. She mouthed something that I know I should’ve heard. I was then ripped from my mothers loving embrace and put into a cold damp container. I felt the icy metal on my skin.



13 Years Later...



  I opened my eyes to a room that was surprisingly nice. A ray of sunlight danced across the room just like the musicals mother brought me to when I was free from this never-ending tyranny. A dark Mahogany wood door with a golden door knob, the way the light hit it was dazzling. It reminded me of the music from the orchestral performance in the musicals from so long ago. I strode over to the door, the door creaked as though it were prehistoric.


  “Good Morning June,” called a familiar voice. “Jace! You scared me half to death!” I screamed. Jace had arrived at the cells right around when I did. To be honest, I’ve always felt indebted in a way. I know it was so long ago but I will never forget it.”June, you’re crying.” he told me. I briefly glared at him then sprinted ‘till out of earshot.



  I knew I was on today, I let out a quick sigh then went into the conference room. “Good morning,” it was Officer Mochida. I was about to reply with a casual shrug when I heard a voice that covered it owners loneliness with cruelty. “Ugh, I’m in desperate need of caffeine.” I turned over to him,  he was tall, with dark brown hair that shimmered like snow twinkling in the dark. He looked over at me, he didn’t smile or even frown! He just stood there and peered at me for a second then stopped.



  I decided that it wasn’t worth worrying about, so I headed over to my cubical. Over the day I kept seeing that mysterious man glancing at me ever so slightly. I realized I wasn’t going to get much work done with him glancing over at me every 5 seconds. I decided to pretend to be sick so that way I could leave early. “Mochida? I don’t feel to goo-” I feel to the ground.



  I must’ve fallen asleep because I woke up right around when the sun was setting. I heard a knock at the door. “Who could that be?” I had my paralysis gun ready, I was slowly inching my finger to the trigger. “I’m coming in,” Ugh, just who I wanted to see. “Oh,” He shrugged “sorry,” He turned to walk out, just as Jace was walking in. This isn’t going to be good.


  A shadowy figure loomed over me, “Help!” Jace and Kazuma looked over. Jace lunged to try and save me. But, it was to late. I looked down at the police station for my last time, I gazed at the police station as it slowly got smaller and smaller beneath me. “ June. I’m sorry, so, so sorry.” That was the last thing that Jace will ever say to me. 





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