love at a young ages

I'm sorry that I made you wait this long.....I bet you can get a better girlfriend" i look at him with tear fill eyes as he grabbed my side's "I don't want anyone else,your mine,I would wait forever for you,I love you Alice and always will " I looked at him and kissed him....he totally deserved it <3.


3. wow....

  Akonas p.o.v      

She just kissed me like that. Her lips met to mine and feel sparks.I was not going to let her go never in a million years. She pulls back and agian I see the black eye that her father gave her. I kissed her forehead and she smiled "I love you" she turns around and to my site I see her dad in his car and I grabbed Alice and try to save her but it was to late.

"Alice!!!" He gets out of the car and I punch him 

"Why would you do this!" 

He falls and is sleeping I put her into the car and drove to the hospital.

Hope she is okay.because if she dies I die with her.

~~~~~~~the hospital~~~~~  

I run with her in my arms. Blood getting all over my hands. The doctors take her telling me that I should of not driven her. I'm am 15 and she is 14 I wanted her to live. 

~~~~~~~an hour or so~~~~


I run up to her seeing what happened. 

She is okay her kidney was removed so she only has one.

She takes me into the room.


She looks at me and smiles 

"You saved my life " 

I hugged and kissed her. 

"I love you" 

I look over and she feel asleep. 

I was not going to leave her. 

I started to fall asleep.


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