love at a young ages

I'm sorry that I made you wait this long.....I bet you can get a better girlfriend" i look at him with tear fill eyes as he grabbed my side's "I don't want anyone else,your mine,I would wait forever for you,I love you Alice and always will " I looked at him and kissed him....he totally deserved it <3.


2. Akona

:Akona's p.o.v:

as i lay in my be thinking about her...a big smile fills my face as i just think of her. her smile...her hair....her eyes...her everything. i look at my phone to see that she had not text me yet.

"ugg" i look at the phone beeps.

a-hey <3

me-hey babe,how was your day

that's when she told me

a-i need help

me-whats up babe?

a-can i come over?

me-yeah come over :)

Next thing you know the door bell rings "i got it " i open the door to see her "come in"

we laid on my bed looking up at the wall

"what did you need to tell me?"

"my parents..." tears started to fall from he face 

"babe?" she lifts up her sleeve to show me her bruses

"babe" i hug her,she starts to cry in my arms

"its so damn hard to live with them"

"i love you "

she looks up "i love you too babe"

i hold her in my arms till my mom said it was time to go "bye Alice"  she waves at me and starts to walk home


*late at night*

*beep beep*

i look at my phone*

a-sorry to wake you

me - whats up princess?

a- i cant sleep

me-do you want to meet bye the tree?

a-yes,see you there <3

i get something on and climb down from my window i walk a couple blocks and wait for her


*Alice's  p.o.v*

i start to get  ready too see him. then my dad burst through the door.

"god dammit Alice" he throws me across the room 

"what are you doing" i start to cry


i jump out my window and run toward the tree

"fuck you"


i see him and run into his arms crying

he looks at me seeing my new black eye

"did they do this to you"

i shake my head yes

"god dammit"

"im sorry i made you wait this long....i bet u can get a better girlfriend"  i look at him with with tear filled eyes  as he grabs my sides.

"i don't want anyone else,your mine,i would wait forever for you, i love you Alice and i always will"

i looked at him and smiled and i kissed him...he totally deserved it 


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