love at a young ages

I'm sorry that I made you wait this long.....I bet you can get a better girlfriend" i look at him with tear fill eyes as he grabbed my side's "I don't want anyone else,your mine,I would wait forever for you,I love you Alice and always will " I looked at him and kissed him....he totally deserved it <3.


1. my little life


My name is Alice.Alice kiya Greenwood.I live with my mom and dad  there is not alot about me that people really care about.there is only one person who really cares about me.his name is Akona. Each night I would sneak out from my window and go and meet up with him each night we would lay down on the grass and hold hands but he never kissed me.I always wondered what it would feel like to be kissed.would it bee weird or nice. Who knows. But this story is different this story shows that love comes in young ages. 

I live in Oregon.I go each day to my school while I listen to my chemical romance.but once I see him I smile and run up to him and hug him.he has the best hugs...I still remember when he asked me out. 


Akona-hey what's up 

Me-nothing talking to you 

Akona-I have a question? 


Akona-Tibet told me you like me is that true? 

I was scared...I looked up from my phone screen and smiled.

Me-yeah it's true

Akona-will you go out with me ? I don't have alot of experience.

Me-yeah sure ;) 

I smiled and told my mom. 

We have been together for 3 months and he is so sweet. 

He hugged me and said I love you.

I looked at him 

"I love you too"


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