Limbo Game

Six kids that had never met each other until a tragic accident placed each of them in a game that is more than a game of just trying to get home, it is a game of much more.

cover by:Incandescent Night

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9. (The game) chapter 2

“Very good Mick, not everyone had mastered the art of listening between the lines.” The voice sang out the complement but Mick wasn’t taking it as much as he possibly should. He had learned that it was better to take note and memorize what was being said, especially in this situation.

“So what is this game then? See who came stained boredom the longest, if so I bet that Little what’s your face couldn’t stay for too long so there is one for your collection there.” Kimichi laughed as Mick wished that he could move over to punch some sense back into her. However, he just reached for his father’s dog tag and his foster mom’s cross. This item meant more to him than his own life since it shows where he was in the begging and now where he is.

“Careful Kimi” Gram chimed while Mick just wanted to scream a lot to those two. Then there was poor Mickala, sitting on her little dot crying historically. There was one thing he could do without getting into too much trouble. 

“The game is made of teams of, well six. Every member has something different to hold in this fighting or whatever type of game I choose. But remember only one team can win so it is last person standing. No rules and hopefully no regrets.”  The voice said and that only made Mickala even more nervous as she was now whimpering with her cries.

“Skills? What skills do we have in this? Is this like most games that start at a tutorial or those that say good luck to you?” Teara yelled up to the voice. Mick could tell that she was someone that ran along a somewhat same path with him in the way of bullying just by the way she spoke.

“You have skills Teara, Everyone dose, you gave strategy, hand eye coordination, video game skills.” The voice hissed and Teara became very silent as if she didn’t want everyone to know that even though she was wearing her star trek shirt.

“The voice is right I am a jock on our football team, I am pact with skills.” Dearel boasted and Kimich couldn’t help but boast a negative comment to him.

“Like bench warmer?” She called and Dearal folded his arms.

“No, more like a varsity first line tackle, my job, according to my coach, was to get everyone that isn’t open, open.”Dearal hissed. Kimichi rolled her eyes thinking that he was going to be less of a use.

“I want my mama!” Mickala cried and Mick knew that he had to get to her dot soon.

“Quiet!!!” Teara called out and a dead silence came out of everyone as she calmed herself down for a moment. “We have got to get started and arguing about abilities is not a way to start!” Teara was furious now and it copied to Gram as well.

“I agree, first we have to get going.” Gram said and walked to the edge of his platform. The rest was dead silent thinking that he was being careless. He looked down and he could feel his heart pound in his chest in hopes that whatever that voice was has a conscience.  He placed his foot forward and thankfully he only felt a little bit of a faltered step before landing on another platform.

“Carful now children, you don’t want to lose before we even get started.” The voice laughed.

“Then let us at ‘em!” Dearal challenged and everyone could imagine the huge smile that is crossing that voice’s face.

“As you wish.” It chimed as another light slid open and Mickala started to run to it as Mick went over to settle her down. It felt nice to get off of the small dot that was his boundary.

“I don’t think we should go through that.” Mick suggested and this time it was Gram that became mad instead of Dearal.

“Why because you are unsure? I have a girlfriend to get back to!” Gram boasted and Mick shook his head.

“I am unsure about all of this.” Mick chimed and all eyes turned to him for exclamation. “I mean look at us we are all very different. We have the star, the stuck up, the lover, the second chance, and the cute princes.” Mick explained and Mickala giggled a little afterwards.

“What about me?” Teara asked and Mick glanced up at her. Their eyes met for only this one second while he said the one thing that Teara didn’t want to hear.

“The leader.” Mick labeled and Teara wasn’t sure what to say.

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