Limbo Game

Six kids that had never met each other until a tragic accident placed each of them in a game that is more than a game of just trying to get home, it is a game of much more.

cover by:Incandescent Night

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8. (the game) chapter 1

The darkness surrounded the kids thinking that they are all dead. Each one came from a different place and a section of society that makes each one different in a way. Each one was alone in their own place of darkness, not able to see where they were going each one wonders if they are truly dead or alive.

“Hello all.” A mysterious voice rang out in this blackened realm that petrified all of the kids that were wondering where this was coming from.

“Where are you!” Kimichi yelled and everyone else heard her.

“There are others?” Teara asked herself while he looked around for a sign that there were others but there was only the same blackness that all six had been in.

“Why are we here?” Dearal yelled out and was starting to be like Kimichi whom was starting to look for a fight.

“Where is my mama?” Mickala wined since she had a bad feeling that this was not going to be good.

“Quiet you cry baby!” Kimichi yelled out not knowing that Mickala is only a small child.

 “All would be answered in due time. However, to answer some of your questions, I am all around you and watching constantly. That is where I am at. Plus, I have chosen all of you to play a game.”  The voice ruptured through the confusion. Each person looked up as all six wondered who was going to be on their team.

“What type of Game?” Mickala chimed. She had instantly became excited that she is going to play something and go somewhere else other than being in this pitch black environment.

“One that will withstand time and time again.” The voice answered.

“Well, show us who else is here already! I have a date to get back to!” Gram was being impatient with this without realizing what he was saying.

Mick on the other hand was extremely quiet and preferred to be that way to scope out each person out by the way they were talking. He knew what the power of words could do to a person because he heard the last words of several people before he was transferred through the foster home system to the person he is with now.

 Every moment that he listened in to the conversations around him he could already tell that he was with five others; one was extremely vain with experience in bullying, while another was very loving to this one person of his life, but this young person saddened him to the point that a tear escaped him. How could this person or entity take someone whose life is just starting?  The last one he could hear in this mixture of voices was someone that was similar to him and was a sports person. This last one was definitely a head scratcher since he couldn’t tell anything about her other than she liked science fiction stuff.

“Very well I think I can make use of that command.”  The voice laughed and suddenly there were spotlights that shined on each person. They looked at each other in shock to see that most of them were the same age except Mickala.

Mick smiled knowing that his craft hadn’t faded from the dark days of not so long ago. Mickala quickly looked flustered that she was in the situation. She started to move forward and Mick could see her falling forever. “Don’t move off of your spots, any of you! We don’t know if the grounds after the spotlights are stable!” He called out. Mickala stopped moving and glanced up right at him.

“Well, someone has part of the game figured out so I should explain the rest as a host with hospitality. You are all fighting for your lives weather you want to believe that or not are up to you.  This is what the game is about, challenges to prove your life since the scales are stuck on all three ways: Life, heaven, and hell.”

“Ok then what is our first challenge then? I can take on any lowlife that is around me!” Kimichi called out with Dearal agreeing with her.

“Careful what you say guys! We can all falter at any moment since we are all in limbo!” Mick tried to warn them since it seems like he is the only one that knows what is at stake. 

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