Limbo Game

Six kids that had never met each other until a tragic accident placed each of them in a game that is more than a game of just trying to get home, it is a game of much more.

cover by:Incandescent Night

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Four on fetured list on May 19,2015


7. (Prologue chapter 7) contestant #6 Mickala

“How much longer? “ Mickala asked while her mom was still in the locker room. She messed with her hair for only a short bit while looking out on the hot summer day and the pool begging for her to go into.

“Few minutes Mickala.” Her mom called out and the temptation just kept growing inside her. She walked outside of the locker room and started to scout the aria for a chair but the weather was so hot that the water would be so good. She knew she couldn’t swim well but if she just stayed at the shallow end she wouldn’t be that bad. She sat at the edge while she glanced up at the lifeguard to see if it was a good one and they were not.  Each one was on their phones or looking somewhere else. Mickala glanced over to the insignia that stated that she shouldn’t jump in so she went into the deeper end of the pool.

“I can do this this time.” She said to herself as she stepped back and placed her goggles on her face.  

She can hear her mother scold at her while she was about to jump but it was too late for her to talk her out Mickala had already committed to do this. Her feet started to go forward quicker and quicker till the end of the pool until she forgot to jump before the drain made her misstep and fall into the water below.

The wafting sound of water filled her ears making them pop painfully as she hit the bottom of the pool. She looked up to see the sunlight and her thinking that she must had walked to far down. Several kids had swam passed her by now and it didn’t bother them that she was slowly sinking to the bottom to where she can’t swim that well yet. Plus Mickala knew that she was big boned to where it would be hard for her to swim her way up but it would take even longer for her to walk to the shallow end.

This is when panic settled in. She opened her mouth to let the air out of her lungs but yet she tried to draw air back in she started to cough. She waved her arms around randomly while the kids just went on by without paying much attention.

She could feel her chest tighten a little while her mind was spinning at a thousand miles an hour as her fight or flight and right now it is flight. She walked around the pool to try to find the wall but there was nothing as a marking for her.

Time was running out while pool water raced into her goggles making her eyes burn with chlorine. She tried to wipe the water out not thinking that she was still under water which made it worse. Mickala’s mind was not thinking right anymore while she knew that her mom was not going to be happy with her anymore. However, it is the one thing that she would like to see right now while the last of the bubbles of air surfaced and the people around her finaly noticed since she could hear bodies plunge into the water but it was too late as Mickala closed her eyes for what she hoped was not the last time. 

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