Limbo Game

Six kids that had never met each other until a tragic accident placed each of them in a game that is more than a game of just trying to get home, it is a game of much more.

cover by:Incandescent Night

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6. (prologue chapter 6) contestent #5 Dearal

“Who is going to win?” Dearel yelled to his team. This was the last game of the session. The knocking of helmets and the bright lights of college football felt grand since he had just came back from training. This was going to be the last game his coach would let him in before the head president is going to get on him for letting a solder go into the lineup though he will be fine and off for at least two more months.

The sound of his team chants felt grand in Dearel’s ears. He had been a football star for years and he was born a star. He grabbed his helmet and glanced at the one mini minor in the locker room and feeling like he was back at home. Small town USA with nothing else to loose other than loosening a game, that was everything back then and all the scholarships in the world was on his case with offers and offers from many schools but he thought differently.

The bright lights stunned his vision and all he kept thinking was there was no place like the bright lights and the feel of pigskin. Dearal got in position and the person that he was placed across went white.

It was obvious that this poor opponent has heard of Dearal just by his reaction. His eyes were scared and that is what Dearal liked the most of being a star player. Daeral kept in mind with the count the moment was close to the snap one chance but he knew that he couldn’t do too much to show his identify.  He glanced up as the snap was made he burrowed into the person in front of him though he didn’t know whom he was messing with as well.

Next thing he knows is that he is on the ground and the coach was running to him. The whites of his eyes was full concern. Daeral got up but he felt sick to his stomach to where all he could think of was trying to piece together what happened.

“You alright?” a teammate asked as he tried to help him up. Daeral felt unsteady and couldn’t feel the ground under his feet.

 “My hel… Take…” He breathed and his teammate understood as the coach and on site medic was there as well.

“Daeral, how many fingers am I holding?” Coach asked and Dearal could only see stars around him and large amounts of color that the lights, gathering of heads in the stands and the field itself.

“We have to go. BRING THE GURRNY!” the medical person yelled and Dearal put his helmet back on since he knew if he went into the ambulance awaiting for him his star spot on the team and everything that was given to him because of the his family name plus his talent at his position, minus this moment.

“Don’t! I…. Just… got the wind ….knock out.” Dearal strained to get out as now the opponent is starting to inch his way over either out of grief or to see if he just knocked out the biggest and one of the best star players of this team. He sat down on the bench to take a rest as he knew that he was going to be needed on offence. Every person on that team, even the staff and cheerleaders, was starting to encourage him more and more but Dearal ignored them but when he got out on the line and into position he felt like the world was inexistence.

The world was gone from him but all he felt was zoning into his opponent on the other side for revenge on the last round of downs.  He could see the caution instead of fear or determination like he was warned not to do anything to hurt him more. However, Dearal collapsed before the snap, right when he blinked.

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