Limbo Game

Six kids that had never met each other until a tragic accident placed each of them in a game that is more than a game of just trying to get home, it is a game of much more.

cover by:Incandescent Night

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Four on fetured list on May 19,2015


5. (prologue chapter 5) contestent #4 Kimichi

“Stop it Kimichi!” A large girl cried as she tried to scurry away.

“Why should I? It would help you drop a few pounds, besides it is why you had stopped eating your lunch today.” Kimichi sassed as the girl ran off. Kimichi was at the top of the class, pretty and easily manipulates everyone except when the school bell rings then she lives her life as a saint at the soup kitchen that her family runs. Always in the local papers for being the best person that had walked on earth except the few that would fallow her and hear her lash out against the somewhat week.

“Well that doesn’t mean that you can be evil.” The girl yelled back and Kimichi smirked a little and steeped aside To let her pass but all this girl did was look at her coldly like she was debating on something.

“Hey if nothing else, I know what you went through.” Kimenchi called out and didn’t care if the girl heard her or not

“No you don’t! You had never been big, just always been a perfection image and a bully.” The girl said and Kimichi wanted to fight. However just before the fight truly started she heard something that was not right.

“Kimenchi, can you come with me?” Kimenchi rolled her eyes a bit knowing what is going to happen soon.

“Ok though I was just going to help her reclaim her life Miss. Mar.” She sighed and Miss. Mar stared at her with fire in her eyes.

“And why was Michella crying?” Miss. Mar asked and Kimichi started to walk to the side of Miss. Marr.

“Some people can’t come to terms of what they need. Give me a while and I can work my magic, I always do. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get to the tutoring sessions for the elementary students.” Kimenchi chimed but Miss Mar didn’t see through her excuse and pulled her back.

“And you do know your charity can’t balance out everything.” She said and Kimichi brushed her off. The darkness that she felt right then was something that she embraced since she liked to even out her life to where she would skim under the radar of being a good person but at the same time be evil.

“We will see.” Kimichi said then something took her breath away. She slowly felt something draw from her skin. When she lifted her hand red blood was all that she saw.

She slowly turned around and then she felt something push her to the stares that were several stories up from the school’s stairway. She tried her hardest to find where she was bleeding from and all she could find was a pencil that was lagged into her back.

“Being a bully isn’t always right.” Kemchi could hear as she felt her footing slip and her body fall over the edge of the rail.

Down, down she went letting all of the air dice through her. She was thinking that the years of manipulating others should have not led to this. There were plenty of moments that she had done well in this world. Why would anyone want her dead?

She bounced off of the railing and the shot of pain rushed through her body like she had just been shot. The thing was that she wished she could land to where she could be unsaved. Though her problem was that she never felt the landing, just the pain of her life being weighed.

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