Limbo Game

Six kids that had never met each other until a tragic accident placed each of them in a game that is more than a game of just trying to get home, it is a game of much more.

cover by:Incandescent Night

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Four on fetured list on May 19,2015


4. (Prologue chapter 4) contestant #3 gram

“Every single day I will be yours.” Gram sang to his longtime girlfriend. She sat in front of her apartment window while he sang to her. The romantic night just started and her parents were out on their date and already got permission to do theirs.  Each verse was full of love and his voice was perfectly on pitch because he was going towards being a musician of any sort.

The night was a wintery one where this couple was at. Snow was slowly falling into a crisp night as the stars were barely hidden from sight. The heat from his breath brought constant clouds. In all his life he never would have thought that he would meet someone that would understand him like his girlfriend dose.

“This is a wonderful evening Gram.” She squealed and they kissed. The lips that touched melted the cold around them. The fire and ice between the two were always the talk because his girlfriend was a redhead and his was snow white with scary red eyes however he was not strong at all. Once they reelected from the kiss He felt wonderful and smiled widely revealing his partly crooked teeth. His girlfriend smiled being perfect in the world and so resilient to the torcher that the both of them share. 

“Oh, and it just got started. Kimmi.” Gram smirked while his girlfriend widened her eyes in surprise and wonder. The smile on his face was full of excitement since he just got a reservation at her favorite restraint. Then their phones went off and Gram’s stomach sank. He knew what the sound meant and it was that this was going to be a storm coming, and fast.

“Gram, I don’t think we should be going anywhere.”  His girlfriend chimed and he wished that she didn’t send the thought of the storm that is just around the corner.

“Is it the storm?” He sighed as they both climbed through the window to her room. The bright red was a match her style.

“Unfortunately, nice thing is that I think that we have enough time to get there, wherever you are taking me.” She sighed which made Gram feel a bit better. He quietly set his guitar down on her bed and knew that he only had one shot at making this the best present that he could make it. It was their anniversary of being a couple.

“That is good; because I don’t want wan to mess this up.” Gram said as he whisked her into his arms and carried her to his car. Kimmi was squealing haply and it was obvious that those two would make it for years together.

Gram settled Kimmi in the car and went to his side. He didn’t realize that there was a car coming quickly towards him and Kimmi screamed making Gram pay more attention than ever. The truck came inches before Gram gotten out of the way and landed in a snowbank that was just off of the sidewalk.

“Gram! What the heck were you thinking?” Kimmi cried once Gram got in the car. The romantic moment had died for now while he shut the door and buckled in.

“I… didn’t see him. He came out of nowhere, latterly” He breathed, trying to comprehend what happened.

“I know this is a very straight road and the storm had yet to hit.” Kimmi sighed knowing this street well since she only lives on the next block the opposite direction of where the truck was heading.

“Anyway we should get going. We shouldn’t have this mess with our minds.” He boasted while Kimmi looked unsure.

“Maybe we should just have pizza and candlelight with a romance movie from Netflix.” Kimmi suggested but Gram was determined.

“Relax Kimmi cat, it was just a scare.” Gram said as he knew that Kimmi was suspicious and always looking for signs from the supernatural, it was one of her traits that Gram would just love to hate but most of the time it works in her favor.

“I don’t know… but I will trust you.” She sighed and they were off into the night. The wind was starting to howl as the two drove carefully on this wintery day. The radio was on the local news station just in case that this winter storm was  getting closer and faster than they wanted it to be.

Other than that it was silent, dead silent with nothing in between them till they were at the stop sign that marked the edge of the city and into the outskirts before the country.

“You are not taking me to Redilla’s worldwide!” She yelped and Gram smiled thinking that she finally got it.

“Happy anniversary Kimmi cat.” He laughed, enjoying the moment between the two.

“Gram! How in the world did you get the reservation?” She cried knowing that the restraint only takes reservations or you are waiting a long time to get a table.

“I set this up three weeks ago and saved up a paycheck after rent for this Kimmi. And just note I never want to see another microwave noodle package again.”  Gram boasted and Kimmi smiled.

“And this is how I know I love you….Look out!” Kimmi said as the same truck that tried to hit Gram earlier honked it’s horn loudly as a blinding light  flashed in their eyes to where they couldn’t see at all.

They felt a sudden push of the vehicle while the two held on to the car and the other person’s hands thinking if this was the end at least it was a night that they were with the one that they would rather die with the most.

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