Limbo Game

Six kids that had never met each other until a tragic accident placed each of them in a game that is more than a game of just trying to get home, it is a game of much more.

cover by:Incandescent Night

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3. (Prologue chapter 3) contestant #2 Mick

“Hey Mick that was an awesome game last night!” One of Mick’s many fans called out and he waved his hand thinking that this must be what celebrities feel like once they get to the top. So loved, and now seen for the talent he had. His life was perfect and he was enjoying every minute.

“Coming to the party tonight Mickey when we win?” He hears while he started to place his combination in his sports locker.  Mick was in all smiles today since he was getting an award tonight.  

“I might for a little bit.” He said and his friend gave him a confused look. Mick smiled widely as he snatched up his mitt and supplies for the grandest game of his life. There was going to be a scout in the stands to see him and one other of his teammates for a scholarship or something grander. He didn’t care since he knows that he is doing something that is better than what he was years ago.

“Man, you changed since you hooked up with that family and that girlfriend of yours.”  His friend huffed and he was right.

 After Mick’s rough years he thought that the next thing to go is up.  The rough years he rarely talks about because of how they were and that he rather would kill himself if he ever stooped to that level ever again.

“It is for the better right?” Mick chimed while he placed his hat on his head. He was someone that any mom would love their daughter to meet. His friend rolled his eyes while they separated and he went to scout out the scout for Mick and his teammate.

The sun was shining on the diamond as Mick did his normal routine till he spotted the picture for this game on the other team. His old mate before he got cleaned up, Ruck. His red hair was on fire as normal as he was coming out of the restroom that was nearby their dugout. Mick knew exactly what he was doing and he got immediately flustered.

“Uh coach, can I change the order a bit.” He mumbled and pointed at the other team in suggestion. The coach nodded, knowing the entire story. He called the stands and other coach and Mick felt a little relived since he knew his old buddy well and it would give his buddy time to take note that there is a scout here.

Sadly the celebration was short lived for Mick since he saw that the assistant, his old coach was there as well as his coach was talking to, him and the scout. This situation just gotten worse but there is no time for Mick to do anything as the ump called the two words that Mick would love to hear in a different situation.

“Play ball!”

“Hay Mickey, Is that your old coach? I thought that he was suspended after the thing that got all over the news.” Mick’s teammate Camren asked him and all Mick could do was nod as the game went on.

The innings were force each side was evenly matched, Mick was at the top of his game that day  in defense but he was still concerned as he went up to bat for the first time in the order that he asked to be in. Ruck was standing in his uniform colors, chewing on something more than just gum while he moved the ball around in his glove. All Mick could think of was get on base. He calmed himself down as a pitch went straight to the catcher’s glove with him standing there for his first strike.

Mick stepped back for a moment to clear his head. He breathed in as he looked up in the stands and saw his comrade in the stands, the same one that grown up with him till they were separated to different homes to only find each other two years later at the same school.

This is why he was here, to show that he was not a waste of blood like he once was those days ago. He saw the pitch that he wanted but it was just a tad slower that he wanted as it landed in the glove for another strike.

“For them.” He said as he got out the cross that his foster mom gave him with it was his father’s dog tag before he got deployed for the final time.  He stepped up to the plate with the clearest mind for a while till the pitch was thrown. Ruck’s eyes narrowed possibly saying get him out but when he releced the pitch the smirk of revenge with the eyes of accidental cross his face. Mick stood there frozen as the pitch was a rocket that struck him on the helmet.  The loud crash of the ball hitting the helmet made everyone silent and several people looking for two things, the ball or their phones. Down Mick went like a sack of bricks with the last thought on his mind was “Strike three, you’re out.”

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