Limbo Game

Six kids that had never met each other until a tragic accident placed each of them in a game that is more than a game of just trying to get home, it is a game of much more.

cover by:Incandescent Night

I am letting the readers have a say whenever I mumble or post something on Pintrest so fallow this one carefully if YOU WANT A SAY.
Four on fetured list on May 19,2015


1. (Prologue chapter 1) welcome

Welcome to the land of darkness. Where life and death collides. Everyone says that life is a game...Several games in fact. Now you might wonder why this book was left in the mortal world and that might explain a few things in a moment though this is not just one person's story. It is mostly a story of six. Six people that had just started thinking that their life was going to be perfect, or is perfect until they are raffled off to my particular game. The challenges are difficult to where most will die to where the winner on the same team will go back to earth to live out their life so let's see how the players got to this realm...  These six that will fight off others for a chance of life so you want to play with them?

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